Walmart Starts Curbside Pickup of Groceries

The word Pickup can be seen on the south section of Walmart, 2500 S. Main Street.

Walmart Fort Scott started grocery curbside service June 19.

Here is a simple how-to on the process of using the service:

One can order at, after creating an account and setting up payment by credit card. The pickup service costs nothing.

After the order is complete, pickup time is scheduled, then when the customer arrives, there is a designated area on the south of the store with 10 orange parking spaces.

The door the Walmart employees use to bring the groceries to the customer curbside is located on the south side of the building.
Designated parking spaces for pickup, with the phone number to call when arriving.

On the sign in the designated parking spaces is a phone number to call when arriving. Workers come out with a cart and will put the groceries in the customer’s vehicle.

Walmart employees check the order to see if it is the correct one.

Being the first day, there were a few glitches to work out, but this reporter had groceries in the trunk in 10 minutes.

Counting approximately 15 minutes to order online, the service is a time saver and is free.

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