Walmart Grants $3,500 to Bourbon County EMS

Walmart Provides $3,500 Grant to Bourbon County EMS to address the need for workout equipment for employees.


Grant Presented to Bourbon County EMS During a Check Presentation Ceremony at 405 Woodland Hills Blvd, Fort Scott, KS 66701

Fort Scott, KS October 18, 2022– Walmart announced today a $3,500 grant to Bourbon County Emergency Medical Services to address the need for workout equipment for employees. The grant was presented to Paramedic Supervisor Jon Lowery and EMS Director Teri Hulsey at a check presentation ceremony at Bourbon County EMS, 405 Woodland Hills Blvd, Fort Scott, KS 66701.  The grant was facilitated by Bourbon County Regional Economic Development, Inc.


Each year, Walmart U.S. stores and clubs award local cash grants ranging from $250 to $5,000.  These local grants are designed to address the unique needs of the communities where they operate.  For Walmart of Fort Scott, it’s about making sure our local EMS has access to the tools and equipment needed to keep our community members safe, including Walmart employees and shoppers.  The mission of Bourbon County EMS is to provide a 24-hour operation to reduce the loss of life and property and to protect the environment.  The highest priority is to protect Bourbon County residents from all hazards by providing and coordinating resources, expertise, leadership and advocacy through a comprehensive, risk-based emergency preparedness program of mitigation, management, response and recovery.


Through the grant, EMS will purchase a weight bench, barbells and plates, a dumbbell set, a squat cage, a bike and a treadmill.  Having this grant allows equipment to be purchased without using funds from Bourbon County or Fort Scott.


Supervisor Jon Lowery states that EMS is a physically demanding job, and it is imperative that employees have access to equipment that allows them to be in top physical shape.  Staying in top physical condition reduces injuries that could be sustained by crew or patients while moving or lifting patients, stretchers, equipment or other activities that could present in crisis situations such as fire or car accidents.


Bourbon County EMS has responded to 1,927 calls so far this year.  These calls range from 911, transfers and dry runs.




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