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March 15-May 9, 2020

Once again…it’s time for Walk Kansas! K-State Research and Extension has been offering this health initiative since 2001. Walk Kansas is a team-based program, designed to inspire you to lead a healthier life by being more active, make better nutrition choices, and learn positive ways to deal with stress.

New features for Walk Kansas 2020 include a Walk Kansas app. The app is being piloted in iOS format for iPhone and iPad and is free through the App Store. The app allows tracking activity and may be synced with a fitness tracker.

Newsletters and activities will focus on the Blue Zones nine lifestyle characteristics. Blue Zones are the places across the world where people live measurably longer and healthier lives. Physical activity, walking in particular, is the heart of Walk Kansas, participants will be introduced to the Mediterranean eating style, developing social connections that support healthy living, share ways to lower personal stress, focus on your sense of purpose, and more!

The last feature being introduced this year is badges that can be earned for logging your progress, checking online resources, and using the online system in several ways. The badges will appear on the account dashboard when earned.

How does Walk Kansas work? Walk Kansas is an eight-week team-based program. A group, up to six people, form a team with one serving as the captain. Teams can be family, coworkers, friends, community organization members, neighbors, or part of a faith-based community. Team members do not have to live in the same town, county, state or country.

Each team selects a goal, or challenge, they will collectively work towards. Beginning March 15th, log minutes of physical activity and amount of fruits/vegetables eaten each week. Participants also receive a weekly newsletter and motivational messages.

Take the first step, register for Walk Kansas. Online registration is available February 19 through March 15 at walkkansasonline.org. Paper form registration is available at your local extension office or download at southwind.k-state.edu/walk-kansas. If you do not have a team and would like to join one, register as an individual. You will be connected with a team that has similar goals. Cost is $10 per participant, youth K-12 are free.

For more information or resources, visit walkkansas.org or contact me at 620-223-3720 or [email protected].

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