USD 234 Minutes of Dec. 9

Members of the USD 234 Board of Education met on Monday, December 9, 2019, at the
Board of Education office for their regular monthly meeting.
President David Stewart opened the meeting. The board approved the official agenda.
The board also approved the consent agenda as follows:
A. Minutes
B. Bills and Claims
C. Payroll – November 20, 2019 – $1,415,992.14
D. Financial Report
E. Bond Proceeds Reconciliation
F. Activity Fund Accounts
There were comments from three patrons in the public forum section.
Stephanie George, KNEA President, presented a report to the board. In addition,
administrators from each building shared information with board members.
Superintendent Ted Hessong reported on the Early Childhood Roadshow in Pittsburg,
Martin Luther King Day Committee, the district website, legislative update, and the service of
board members who were leaving the board.
Gina Shelton, Business Manager, gave an update on roof projects, open enrollment, and
the substitute software program.
Board members reconsidered and approved the purchase of high school gym bleachers
due to bid changes. In addition, the board approved the following:
o Roof payment to JB Turner and Sons Roofing
o Benchmark payment
o High School gym equipment bids
o Workers Compensation insurance renewal o Resolution 19-07 – Bank Account Signers
r Cooperative agreement for high school girls to participate with the Parsons High School
girls’ swim team for the 2019-20 spring season
The board tabled action on reorganization of health insurance language.
Mr. Hessong recognized the following retiring board members: Janet Braun, Jordan
Witt, and Michelle Hudiburg and thanked them for their years of service to the school district.
Board members shared comments and then went into executive session to discuss
personnel matters for nonelected personnel and returned to open meeting. The board then went
into executive session to discuss matters relating to employer-employee negotiations. The board
returned to open meeting and approved the following employment items:
A. Resignation of Ashley Rodriguez, high school teacher aide (ISS), effective November
B . Leave of absence request from Vicki Kruger, middle school paraprofessional
C. Compensation for Michelle Brittain, Nicole Pellett, Patty Giltner, and Lisa Chaplin
for planning time lost due to a redesign in the middle school schedule
D. Addition of a high school wrestling coach position for the 2019-20 school year
E. Employment of Eugene Ware team leaders for the 2019-20 school year
F. Employment of Winfield Scott team leaders for the 2019-20 school year
G. Resignation of Nicki Traul, Assistant Superintendent, effective December 31, 2019

The board adjourned.

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