UHS Military Veterans Sought

The Uniontown High School National Honor Society (NHS) wants to continue honoring the military veterans who have attended the school.

The NHS is currently updating the military recognition display in the junior and senior high school commons area.


“The display has been in the commons area of the school for several years, and several visitors have made lots of positive comments on the display and a few schools have adopted one in their schools,” Jeanne Camac, UHS Counselor  and NHS sponsor, said.  “I was told that it originated to honor the Iraq Desert Storm Vets but has expanded to all graduates that have served in the military.”


” We have reached out to the community members via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter several months ago,” Camac said.  ” What we were asking was, if anyone knew of a Uniontown graduate that was in the military, to please let the high school know.”

“We had a great response,” she said.  “But, since then, through word of mouth, we are finding that we have left out several other veterans. Since we do not want to leave anyone out, we are sending out another plea to see if any Uniontown graduates have served in the military, and what branch they served, along with the years they were enlisted.”


The current list of UHS veterans has 87.


“We were blessed to have our National Guard recruiter, Sgt Jacob Forsythe, donate 11 flags this year to help with our project,” she said.  “We are thankful to our school and club who have generously donated the ink, paper, and certificate holders so far. We would also like to thank Mark Hartman for hanging the new certificates and flags.”

” If we have another huge response, we will need to purchase more holders,” she said. “We are currently in need of 30 more flags to display our 87 veterans.


“If you know of anyone that graduated from Uniontown High School and served in the military, or would like to donate to this great display, please contact Jeanne Camac, NHS sponsor, at 620-756-4301.”

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