UHS Eagles Beat Blu-Jays Sept. 17

Adelay Martin. Submitted photo.

The Uniontown Eagles’ football team played their Homecoming game against the Pleasanton Blu-Jays on Friday, September 17th. They beat the Jays 30-6. Treden Buckman had a total of 113 rushing yards over 14 attacks during the game. He made 2 of the 4 touchdowns. Andrew Buckman made 1 touchdown and Luke Perry made the other. Byron Fry had 4 knockdowns and Rylan Lee had 3. Matthew Poyner had 10 total tackles, Byron Fry had 9, and Korbin Miller had 9. “We stayed focused throughout the day with Homecoming distractions and got the job done,” said center defensive lineman Korbin Miller.

-Adelay Martin, UHS Sports Media Reporter

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