U234 Curriculum Collaboration Days Will Change Next Year and a Preschool Update

USD 234 Board of Education Building, 424 S. Main

Fort Scott School District USD234 staff have been working on standards and best ways to teach them as they have met on Wednesdays this school year.

“Our early release days have provided our teachers to work to identify the essential standards that every student needs to be successful at the next level or the next course,” Superintendent Destry Brown said.  “Our teachers have mostly finished this process and are now at the refinement stage.  We will be working next year on identifying the resources that we will use to teach those standards and identifying the best practice in teaching those standards.”

Destry Brown. Submitted photo.

The district is changing the days the teachers gather to collaborate  in response to staff and parents input.

Next year the days will be once per month.

“We decided to change to once per month in response to parent and staff input,”  Brown said. “Staff believed they could have more concentrated and focused time to do the things we need to do next year while parents felt it would be easier for them to plan for a full day rather that an early release every week.”

“The time spent this year has been very successful and we are well ahead of where we were,” he said.  “Teachers have seen the value in the time to collaborate and work together on curriculum, assessment and instruction.”

USD234 Preschool Update

The Fort Scott Preschool, at 409 S. Judson.
The preschool is going to remain at 409 S. Judson  for the time being.
“We have six sections of preschool currently with enough for two more sections on the waiting list,” Brown said.  “Our plan going forward will be to do some remodeling of the current space and reconfigure the space to better meet our needs.”
“We will also look at purchasing a mobile unit to place on the grounds at the preschool site,” Brown said.  “This would allow us to bring all of our preschool students and classes to one location as well as expand our preschool to include more students.”
 There are currently three teachers at the preschool.
“I believe that if we open more sections to the public, we will probably be able to expand to five teachers,” he said.  “One thing we are considering is having a section for all-day students to help with some childcare needs in the community.”
The community needs quality childcare.
“Our community has a great need for childcare; especially for working families,” Brown said.  “For our community to grow economically and to attract and expand business in Fort Scott, we need to be the kind of community that provides ways to make it possible for parents to work and trust that their children are being cared for safely.”

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