Train whistles to cease soon at Quiet Zone

The first stage of a project begun months ago now nears its completion as the quiet zone construction project in Fort Scott wraps up at the intersection of Wall Street with the railroad tracks.

3-10 Quiet zone

Fort Scott City Manager Dave Martin said Wednesday that the city had submitted a letter stating the project was complete to Burlington Northern Railway and was nearing the end of the waiting period for approval. If that approval is granted, trains could stop blowing their whistles within a quarter mile to the north and south of that intersection at almost any time.

Martin said businesses located on that side of town have looked forward to this quiet zone for some time. In the future, such zones could also be installed at other major intersections.

“A long time coming,” Martin described the project, saying it had been in the city’s plans for years.

The project included putting in curbing and sidewalks at the intersection and adding a median. The road located at the northwest corner of the intersection was also paved while another road was relocated.

Trains may still blow their whistle if they stop to take on or let off workers.

Martin also said with the warmer weather, work on the National Avenue project has picked up as more equipment is regularly seen in the area where the road is closed for construction.

3-15 National

“That project, everybody forgot, was scheduled to be a year-long project because they are replacing everything,” Martin said, installing large pipes and also improving curbing and drainage.

Martin said the crews have run into a lot of rock but they still plan to be completely done by August.

4 thoughts on “Train whistles to cease soon at Quiet Zone”

    1. I think that Sleep Inn wouldn’t let them put in a hotel unless the city would put in the quiet zone. I think that it is being paid for taxes on visitors who stay at hotels. If that is the case, it should mostly fund itself.

    1. Trains are legally required to blow their whistle unless certain things are in place to keep people from being able to get out on the tracks. I think the redesigned median and sidewalks are part of those requirements, but could be wrong.

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