The Unique Mug by Carolyn Tucker

Photo by Carolyn Tucker.

Keys to the Kingdom


Charlene is my aunt by marriage on my husband’s side. Because I’m older than she is, we get tickled when explaining our relationship to those outside the family. She is a hands-on pastor’s wife, gifted musician, vocalist, artist, and retired art instructor. We recently met for lunch and I presented her with a unique mug design that I wanted her to create for me. I knew I would appreciate and enjoy a personalized coffee mug that defined my relationship with God. While visiting about the design, she explained that no two mug shapes were ever the same. Once she places the clay on the potter’s wheel and the shaping process begins, it basically takes on a one-of-a-kind form. Upon completion, the mug is an original customized creation, just like me (and you).

When my feet hit the floor in the morning, I’m launching into an unrepeatable course of events where I need to lean on Jesus. I don’t know what the day holds, but He does. It’s comforting to know that He’s not surprised by anything and I don’t have to be disturbed by anything. My heavenly Father knows what I need and has everything I need. I told Charlene I wanted two words, “Jehovah-Jireh” painted on the lower portion of the mug. This is one of the Hebrew names for God which means, “the Lord will provide” as referenced in Genesis 22:8,13,14.

As a background color for the words “Jehovah-Jireh,” I chose an off-white which represents sand. As believers, we can be confident that God knows and cares about everything in our lives. “How precious are Your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered! I can’t even count them; they outnumber the grains of sand! And when I wake up, You are still with me!“ (Psalm 139:17,18 NLT). I have a large glass bottle of Gulf Shores sand on my kitchen counter which reminds me that God has me on His mind and is working things out for my good.

Representing the ocean, I chose turquoise for the middle color of the mug. “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown” (Isaiah 43:2 NLT). The word “when” (not “if”) is of great significance. We live in a fallen world, so it’s sure as shootin’ that we’ll experience difficulties. But believers do not go through troubles and trials alone because Jesus is on duty as Lifeguard.

I chose aqua, which represents the sky, for the top portion of my mug. “The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display His craftsmanship. Day after day they continue to speak….” (Psalm 19:1,2 NLT). At dawn recently, I noticed an orange glow outside and curiously opened my east front door to witness a gorgeous sunrise. I grabbed my phone and snapped a shot of God’s creative handiwork. The sky actually plays “Show-n-Tell” every day because it can. Just as the sky shouts praises to its Maker, surely believers can do the same with our everyday lives. Because our great Creator God is worthy of our praise, we can celebrate His goodness and bring glory to His name.

The Key: Rejoice! You are a unique creation of God and He knows how to provide for you.

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