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Glessner: Oct. 17-22 Earnings go to Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center

Tanya Glessner. Submitted photo.

Tanya Glessner, owner and stylist of Upper Cut Salon, 408 Jefferson St. has a passion to help those with mental illness.

Upper Cut Salon. Submitted photo.

“This subject is close to my heart,” she said. “I believe many people struggle with this in silence. It takes a great deal of courage to ask for help. It’s important for people to share their experiences so others know they’re not alone and we need to do our part in letting our community know what their resources are so they feel comfortable in reaching out. I also believe many addictions stem from mental health issues due to people attempting to self medicate. So it’s important to take prevention measures before things cycle out of control.”

She has chosen to donate 100 percent of what she earns this week for haircuts to benefit the Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center.

“This is in honor of mental health awareness month benefiting SEKMHC and the services they provide,” she said. “The fundraiser is October 17th-23rd. 100% of money made from haircuts this week will be donated. I will be taking all donations to Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center on the 24th.”

Glessner’s haircuts are $12 regularly.

“I always run a haircut special on Tuesdays for $10,” she said. “And all veterans and first responders, including police, firefighters, always get $10 haircuts.”

Glessner can be contacted at 620.224.6704.

The shop is open Monday through Saturday by appointment with flexible hours.

“People may also donate NEW shoes, clothing and food items,” Glessner said. “Families that receive services there (SEKMHC) are always in need of shoes, clothing and food. Many of them are low income or special needs.”

Spring Hill Meat Processors To Break Ground

A rendering of the Spring Hill Pork Processor’s plant to be located south of Fort Scott. Submitted.

Billy Madison will soon open his new business venture in Bourbon County, Spring Hill Pork Processors.

The pork processing plant will be located on 47 acres south of the Kansas Department of Transportation facility on Hwy. 69 south of the LaRoche Ball Park.

The business will manufacture pork for the Asian and Hispanic markets, Madison said.

The business will employ 15-30 people, and depending on experience, wages will start at $14 an hour.

“If you can bone meat, $18-20 an hour, depending on experience is our starting wage,” Madison said.

A  U.S. Department of Agriculture inspector will be on-site every day, as required by law.

“The U.S. government provides their pay (for the inspector), we pay overtime if we have overtime,” he said.

“There are places in big towns where there are Asian and Hispanic markets,” he said. “It’s all in how you cut the pig up. Both like the skin left of the pig.” He said the meat cuts are a little different as well.

“We box a lot of meat and send it to meat markets, like Fanestil Meats in Emporia,” he said.

Madison is not sure how long the process will take to break ground at the site but estimates approximately three months.

The plant will not be a smell to the surrounding area, he said.

“There is no smell,” he said. “People don’t understand the process. We are not raising hogs (at the site).”

“All the (Bourbon County) commissioners came to our plant in Spring Hill,” he said. “They found out it doesn’t smell.”

The estimated investment in the plant will be over $2 million dollars by Madison, he said.

“We don’t have the numbers yet,” he said. “The bidding process is quite in-depth.”

Billy and his wife, Becky are the sole owners of the processing plant.

Billy and Becky Madison are the sole owners of Spring Hill Pork Processors. Submitted photo.

They live five miles south of Louisburg, but Billy lived in Fort Scott for a period of his early life.

He still has family who lives here.

“My dad, Warren, still lives there and my Uncle Frank Madison is a cattle rancher there.”


Hound Nutrition Changes Hands

Ashtyn Dowell left, and Kelly Perry, are the new co-owners of Hound Nutrition. Submitted photo.

Hound Nutrition, 116 S. Main, is under new ownership.


Kelly Perry and Ashton Dowell have purchased the shop from former owner Haven Kelly, who is a Fort Scott Community College student and catcher on the school’s softball team.  Haven Kelly became the tenant of the shop in August 2020, following the move of the Common Ground Coffee Shop to a different location.


“With the softball season starting, Haven was unable to give it the extra care it needed,” Dowell said.


Ashtyn Dowell, a 2020 Fort Scott High School graduate is one of the co-owners of Hound Nutrition. Submitted photo.


“We have a 50% investor from Oklahoma and Ashtyn represents his 50% of the business and works the retail side of the business,” Perry said.” I am another 50% owner in the business. All of us have some skin in the game so to speak.”


Kelly Perry is a new co-owner of Hound Nutrition. She also is the owner of The Protein Place in Iola and co-owner of Perry’s Pork Rinds in Bronson. Submitted photo.


The business sells meal replacement shakes, energizing teas,  and protein coffee.

Submitted photos.


Customers can contact the business on Hound Nutrition Facebook page or Instagram, or coming soon, their new call-in line.


“We are selling the same products, but some new flavors are coming,” Dowell said.

There are some new services.

“The new service we provide is our delivery,” Perry said.

In addition, they are planning some upcoming events that will be hosted at the facility including: songwriter nights, joining the Chamber of Commerce, and tea parties “where we give informational meetings to anyone looking to start a program,” Perry said.  “We break down each of the products one-by-one and educate customers on what the products do for their health. We sample a few of the products and for those who want to purchase the programs they can, or they can continue to pay for retail via our nutrition club.”


Herbalife Nutrition is the brand of product sold at the shop.

“Herbalife Nutrition is a multi-level marketing group we are #2 in the nation behind Amway,” Kelly said. “And the #1 nutrition company worldwide that has been in business for 40 years.”
“Anyone working behind the counter is an Herbalife Distributor that can sell any of our products,” Perry said.  “Our nutrition clubs are a hub for people to come to try products, narrow down their wants and then purchase healthy products.”
“The customer receives one-on-one coaching and guidance from their independent distributor,” Perry said.
“Our hope is to pick up retail sales before the end of our lease in four months so the business can continue to grow and run in Ft Scott,” Perry said.
“All of the independent distributors are highly motivated self-driven and want to see a change in the community for the better,” Perry said.
“This is the second store that I have opened since January 18,” Perry said.  “My husband is not involved (in this venture), he is fully invested into the pork rind business which is going full steam ahead.”


“We will soon be offering protein pretzel bites, protein waffles, and protein donuts in this location,” Kelly said.


Employees, who at this shop are called distributors, include Reaghn Dowell, Kelsey DeMott both of Fort Scott, and Chris Ames of Bronson.

Reaghn Dowell left, is in training at Hound Nutrition as a distributor. Training her is her elder sister, Ashtyn Dowell, center. Customer Kaelani Bryan, right, is purchasing a meal replacement shake and a tea on March 15.

Kelly Perry is also the owner of The Protein Place in Iola and co-owner of Perry’s Pork Rinds of Bronson, with her husband, Thaddeus.

Dowell said they will be focusing on setting up meetings for Herbalife, the supplier of their products, and those interested in say, a weight loss program.

“We can help them along their journey,” Dowell said.

Daily specials are offered.