Taco Azul Food Truck: A Mom and Pop Business

Submitted photo of Taco Azul fare.
Erin and Sebastian Macik, Fort Scott, are owners of Taco Azul, a food truck that they hope will turn into a restaurant business.
The Taco Azul Food Truck. Submitted photo.
They make Mexican street tacos, using pork, beef, or chicken, in flour tortillas or handmade corn tortillas; homemade salsas, and also street corn on the side, Erin said.
“We’ve been prepping and planning for over a year now,” Erin said. “Sebastian picked up the food truck in April, and we plan to fire it up at the Good Ol’ Days festival here in Fort Scott at the beginning of June.”
“We hope to open up a restaurant in the future, but for the short term, our plan is to stay local and get a good customer base before expanding,” she said.
“You will see us at Fort Scott’s Good Ol’ Days Festival to kick off the summer, and then we’ll be set up by the Washateria on National Avenue for the most part,” Erin said. “We’ll be posting consistently on Facebook so people know where to find us. We are really looking forward to the summer!”
Sebastian Macik taught third grade in Mexico City, and discovered true Mexican street tacos while he was there.
“Coming back state-side in 2014, he started searching for the real deal in the U.S. without much luck,” she said. “All that time he was working on his own tacos: making his own salsas and corn tortillas, trying out various marinades and cooking techniques, until they became exactly what he was looking for. When the opportunity arose to get a food truck, it was a no-brainer. We’re excited to offer this in Fort Scott! Mexico City-style tacos are unlike anything you can find at any chain restaurant in the United States.”
Erin and Sebastian Macik with their children. Submitted photo.
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