St. Martin’s Academy Open House

The main building of St. Martin’s Academy, Theokotos Hall,  is currently under construction.

St. Martin’s Academy, a  newly developed boys Catholic boarding school,  hosted an open house  Saturday on the campus at 1950 Indian Road, rural Fort Scott.
The campus is currently under construction.
“Our goal was to introduce the academy, its campus, and some of its staff both to local residents interested in the new project, potential supporters of our academic and cultural vision, and the families of prospective students,” Patrick Whelan, the academy’s headmaster said.
The torrential downpour on Saturday did not deter interested people.
Attendees of St. Martin’s Academy Open House, braved rain and mud while attending the event. Here the last attendees of the open house leave the main hall of the school which is still under construction.
“Despite the terrible weather in the morning, at its busiest, we had about 80 people present with some coming from as far away as Maryland, Virginia, Colorado, and Texas,” Whelan said. ” Many of the folks who attended were from local areas including Fort Scott, Pittsburg, and Kansas City, and many of those in attendance were families interested in sending a son to St. Martin’s Academy. “
The open house program began with Catholic Mass celebrated by the school’s chaplain, Fr. Bob McElwee, followed by a welcome and introduction from Daniel Kerr, the academy’s president, and Whalen.
Courtesy photo. Father McElwee speaks to attendees of the open house during Mass.
  Visitors participated in a round-robin of presentations from the faculty and staff of St. Martin’s Academy, including presentations on academics, residential life, farming, faith, and campus development.
“After lunch those interested participated in a hike through the campus that included feeding the animals, walking the woodland obstacle course, and visiting our ‘base camp’ in the woods,” Whelan said.
Following a break, visitors and local interested residents met in the lobby of the Courtland Hotel, downtown Fort Scott,  for the third, public St. Martin’s Academy Faculty Lecture, he said.
 “In a warm setting, with food and drink provided by the academy, Ron ‘Magister’ Klassen delivered a talk entitled The Joy of Learning Latin,” Whelan said.
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5 thoughts on “St. Martin’s Academy Open House”

  1. Please give not details concerning the purpose of the school. Why is it needed and why would anyone send their son.

      1. There is a link at the bottom of the story. Please look at the link for more background on the school.

    1. Why would you ask if it is “needed”? Great education especially with great faithful Catholic teaching is always needed. More and More and More. So few Catholic schools are worth a damn. Hell. So few schools of any sort are worth a damn.

  2. This looks like a very noble calling from the founders. My best grade school memories go back to 3rd-5th grade at The Heights in Maryland. It was an Opus Dei school and they had just opened the Lower campus. Our classroom was similar, in a then rural area.

    The Heights has grown tremendously in the 30 years since I left. I wish the same success to St. Martin’s.

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