Results of Bourbon County Primary Election 2018: Democrat (Unofficial)

County Commission District 1 Democrat: Clinton Walker-157

County Treasurer Democrat: write-in  33

County Attorney Democrat: write-in 31

State Board of Education Democrat:  write-in 50

House of Representatives District 4 Democrat: Lawrence Forbach-445

House of Representatives District 2 Democrat: Adam Lusker-31

State Senator 13th District Democrat: Bryan Hoffman-322

Commissioner of Insurance Democrat: Nathaniel McLaughlin-475

State Treasurer Democrat: Marci Franciso-469

Attorney General Democrat: Sarah Swain-481

Governor Democrat: Joshua Svaty-201, Laura Kelly-156, Arden Andersen-78, Carl Brewer-56, Jack Bergeson-21.

U.S. House of Representative Democrat: Paul Davis-463


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