Public Servant Profile: Deputy Fire Chief Mike Miles

Mike Miles. Submitted photo.

Mike Miles, 33, is the Fort Scott Fire Deparmtent Deputy Chief / Fire Marshal.

He works out of  Fire Station 1, 1604 S. National .

Miles graduated from Fort Scott High School, then  attended  Fort Scott Community College  EMT, EMT A. He has also attended the  Hutchinson Fire Academy,  and Kansas University for numerous fire training classes and certifications.

“I started my career as a reserve firefighter in 2006,” he said. “I have held positions as Firefighter, Senior Firefighter, Lieutenant and most recently promoted into the Deputy Chief position.”

Family: ” I have a beautiful, loving wife, Danyell, and four kids. Gavin, Benson, Luci Kate,  and Emmett.”


Why did you pursue your career?

“I got into the fire service because I wanted to be there to help people. I want to be the bright light for people in their time of darkness.  The fire service is a very humbling and rewarding job to have. I love being able to lend a helping hand when someone is having a bad day. It is also an amazing feeling to give back to the community I call home. ”



What are your duties as deputy fire chief and fire marshal?

“I act as second in charge behind the Fire Chief (Dave Bruner). In the event of his absence, I take on his responsibilities as well.  On fire scenes, I am incident commander. I control the scene and make sure the fire crews have all the resources they need.  I also get my hands dirty when they need some extra help.  The fire marshal side of the job I handle a lot of the inspections for businesses being built or remodeled.  Reviewing plans to make sure they follow the building codes we are currently under and following the fire and life safety code as well.”


What services does the FS Fire Department provide for the city?

“The Fort Scott Fire Department provides many services for the city and citizens.  We provide a rescue truck that covers the entire county.  That truck provides rescue services for entrapment, water rescue and vehicle extrication countywide.  The rescue truck responds and assists Bourbon County EMS within the city limits for ambulance calls.  We may also assist in the county if specifically requested by EMS for our service.  We also provide fire protection for the citizens in the city limits. We do have mutual aid agreements with Scott Township we will provide water and manpower if requested.  The Fire Department also runs the third out ambulance when the other two ambulances are on calls.  Outside of the medical and fire services, we provide many other services as well.  We provide fire prevention for all of the schools public and private for the month of October.  We offer smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for citizens.  We provide fire extinguisher training classes for citizens as well as CPR classes.  There are many services we provide that may go unnoticed.”


Anything new on the horizon?

“The fire service is always evolving.  We have been blessed this year with many new pieces of equipment.  We were able to upgrade our old rescue equipment to brand new battery-powered equipment from the Mercy Foundation.  We also received a grant to upgrade our 20-year-old air packs to new MSA air packs.  We upgraded from our 1992 Firetruck and was able to get a new Pierce Pumper to serve the community for 20+ years with.  Finally, we were able to get a grant to help cover half the cost of a major purchase in replacing our aerial ladder truck.  We should receive it next year.  We are upgrading from our 1993 E-One Ladder 75’ to a Pierce 100’ ascendant tower with many safety upgrades for our firefighters.  All of this new equipment will help and assist our firefighters in performing their jobs to the public at the highest level.”


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  1. Have known you since you were age 20 ! (loved you for 20 years) That hairline is getting higher an higher. Maybe its just the cut. All jokes aside. Please dont start parting your hair on side. Promise last joke… I know your goals for Fort Scott is to keep ALL Citizens safe. When you started this job I didn’t realize what a first responder does. in a small town. Now I know thru your eyes! Many texts because you were very sad. Many texts because you were happy. #haveacanacornforyou.

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