Produce Auction in Barton County


Lamar, MO – If you are looking for fresh produce in larger than farmer’s market quantities and up for a nice drive, the Barton County Produce Auction is the place for you. Located in Lamar, MO off NW 30th Ln, has auctions April through October on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 10am. To see the online calendar schedule, click here.

The auction is primarily for farmer’s market vendors or grocery stores, but individuals are welcome to attend as well. This auction is primarily designed to bring local growers and buyers together to sell large quantities of produces for re-sell or consumption.

Of course, the selection is seasonal, currently pumpkins, mums and fall decorations fill the sale bill. Buyers and sellers are both welcome to participate, however, BCPA has a few requirements like growers must be within 100 mile radius, some package restrictions and no minimum bid requirements.


If you are interesting in selling or have further questions, you can reach the Auction Manager, Daniel Yoder at 417-681-0123

Barton County Produce Auction
669-A NW 30th LN
Lamar, MO 64759
417-884-2232 (Auction phone, day of auction only)

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