Presbyterian Church hosts Holy Week Chamber Coffee

During this Easter week, the First Presbyterian Church hosted the weekly Chamber Coffee, informing attendees of their special services in honor of the Holy Week as well as other community events they participate in.

3-24 Chamber Coffee

Pastor Jared Witt, who has been at the church for about four years, said the church added two services in honor of Easter, including one held Thursday in honor of Maundy Thursday, or the last Lord’s Supper, as well as a Good Friday service. A spirituality center is also available for anyone who would like to stop by at any point over the weekend.

Throughout the year, Witt also explained that they take three weekends away from the normal church services and instead enter the community to do different service projects such as cleaning or construction work for the city, local organizations or elderly residents, with skilled workers of the church helping organize and lead the projects.

“It’s one thing to sing a hymn near someone,” Witt said. “But a totally different thing to paint together for four or five hours.”

The next project day will be held May 22. While Witt said they likely have enough projects for that day, they will accept ideas for service projects for future work days.

Witt said their elder-run church has seven staff members as well as a number of deacons, who lead the church’s compassion ministry, and elders, who help lead the church body. Currently, they are looking for someone who might be interested in taking on the position of youth minister.

Other announcements during the Chamber Coffee included:

  • This week, a New York archivist is in town to help the Gordon Parks Museum get new prints of the Parks photos on display, which should soon be ready for exhibition once again.
  • The Chamber of Commerce will hold their annual banquet March 31. The event is still accepting items to be sold in the live auction during the event.
  • Musical artist Branford Marsalis will provide a concert at the Fort Scott Community College Thursday, April 7. Tickets at $30 apiece or $20 for students remain available.
  • My Father’s House is in the process of considering expansions for their services such as by adding an emergency shelter and a thrift store as well as a vehicle. Members of the community who might have buildings they could donate or sell at a reasonable price are requested to contact My Father’s House.
  • Work continues to be done on the Riverfront Project as local and out of town groups have participated in the project by picking up debris such as rocks and sticks. Groups are welcome to volunteer their services. The project is also currently waiting to hear if their applications for a lookout tower and shelter are accepted.

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