Past UHS Homecoming Queens, Kings and Band Members Invited Oct. 11

Uniontown High School King Gavin Miller and Queen Lindsay Nietfeld, 2016. Courtesy photos, UHS English teacher,  Karen Massa.
The Uniontown High School Student Council is asking that all former UHS Fall Homecoming Kings and Queens join the school for Homecoming 2019 on October 11.
The band teacher is also asking all former band members to join them with instruments in hand that evening as well.
UHS Queen Shanda Shepard and  King Jeff Daly, 1988. Courtesy photo from UHS.
UHS Student Council has 14 members and Rebecca Sutterby is the advisor.
“It’s always the goal of homecoming to have many alumni and community members attend in support of the current generation of Eagles,” Sutterby said. ” StuCo voted as a group to make an effort to specifically invite all of our past football homecoming royalty this year. We were super excited to learn that our very first homecoming queen from 1957 is planning to attend.”
Megan Mann and Mitch Spainhoward 2003. Courtesy photo from UHS.

“Please gather at the football stadium by 6:00 p.m.,” she said.  “We will have a short ceremony to honor our past UHS Royalty right before we crown the new 2019 Homecoming King and Queen. The history of UHS Fall Royalty dates back to 1957 and we would like to have as many of the 124 previous winners as possible attend.”

Jeff Marlow and Lori George, 1990. Courtesy photo of UHS.

Former UHS Alumni Band Members Invited to Join As Well

UHS Band in 1987. Courtesy photo from UHS.
The high school band has also invited former members to play in the UHSPep Band that night.
Some UHS band alumni are guest musicians for ball games on a regular basis, but they are encouraging more to participate in homecoming activities.
UHS Band Alumni Crystal Johnson, 1992. Courtesy photo from UHS.
“A quick meet and greet, and brief warmup and rehearsal with current members of the UHS Band will begin at 4 p.m. in the band room,” UHS Band Director Neva Rowland said.
Kirk Camac, Gage McKennis, Jesse Johnston, UHS Band members in 2003. Courtesy photo.
“If you are unable to make it at 4:00 p.m., then join us whenever you can!” said Rowland. “I would love to have a large group of people come and play with us. If you are someone who hasn’t played in years, you can still come! It will come back to you, and the UHS Band students will be sitting alongside you, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost.”
Anna Jefferis and Amy Dillow, 2016. Courtesy photo.
Student Council is one of many organizations on the campus.
StuCo’s purposes: To develop positive attitudes and practice in good citizenship, promote harmonious relations throughout the school, improve school morale, assist in the management of the school, provide a forum for student expression, provide orderly direction of school activities, and promote the general welfare of the school.
For more info, call Sutterby at (620) 756-4335

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