No Switching Allowed Starting June 1

The Bourbon County Clerk’s Office in on the second floor of the courthouse, located at 210 S. National Avenue.

At noon, Friday, June 1 is the filing deadline for candidates interested in serving as a candidate in the upcoming primary election.

Additionally, no switching of political parties is allowed for a period of time starting tomorrow, June 1.

A law passed in 2014 by the Kansas Legislature prohibits Republican and Democratic party members from switching parties during the period of June 1 (at noon) through the  August primary (following certification of election results), according to a public election notice posted by Bourbon County Clerk Kendell Mason.

” You can’t switch from a Republican to a Democrat or vice versa after noon June 1st,” Mason said. “If someone wants to switch parties they need to do this before noon on June 1st or wait until after the August primary.”

A registered voter who is not affiliated with either the  Democrats or Republicans may choose to align with either party at three times:  during this period, or when requesting an advance ballot through the Bourbon County Clerk’s Office or when voting at their polling site during the primary election, according to the public notice.

” An unaffiliated voter can affiliate at any point including on election day, but they will need to fill out a new voter registration card to affiliate,” Mason said. “They will remain the party they affiliated with until they fill out a new voter registration card.”

The primary election is August 7, 2018.

For more information: 620-223-3800.


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