“Night To Shine” For Special Needs People

“Night to Shine”, a prom night for special needs people over 14 years old, is being formed by a team in the Fort Scott community.
“This night is celebrating people in our community (and area) that have special needs,” said Clayton Whitson, operations pastor at Faith Church. “It’s nationally sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. Fort Scott Nazarene Church was approved to host earlier this year.”
Michele Hudiberg is also a contact person for the event.
“Normally, this is a huge prom night experience with red carpet, paparazzi, great food, etc,” he said. ” Due to COVID and the health of this at-risk population, the foundation has opted to do a virtual experience this year, but we hope to continue this exceptional event year after year.”
How one can help with the event:
1. Share information – the date of the national virtual experience is Feb 12, 2021. The plan is to make this an annual event.
web: https://fsnighttoshine.wixsite.com/home
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FSNightToShine


2. Invite Honored Guests: The event is open to anyone in SEK with special needs and over the age of 14. They will receive an “at home virtual experience kit” this year and will be on the list of invitees for years to come.

To register:  https://forms.gle/DwvmUmqNR7aSdSdH7

3. Be a volunteer and/or financial sponsor: It will take a large team to build this event for years to come.

To volunteer: https://forms.gle/2pkkrYd7SRVawM1PA

Corporate Sponsors: Please email, [email protected]

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