New U234 Teachers: Woods, Hendricks

This is part of a series featuring the 20 new teachers in USD 234, Fort Scott.

Distict Events Taken From :

August 15 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. is the Fort Scott High School Open House at 1005 S Main St, Fort Scott.

School starts on August 18

Nicolas Woods. Submitted photo.
Nicholas Woods, 25, is a new history teacher at Fort Scott High School, teaching world, American, and local history.
He graduated from Pittsburg State University and did his student teaching at Carl Junction. This is his first year teaching.
“My past teachers motivated me to be a teacher,” he said. “I liked school, but at times I struggled with learning. I want to be there for the students that struggled like I did. I believe I bring a different perspective that students can appreciate and learn from.”
“The best thing about teaching for me so far is seeing a student who was struggling succeed,” he said. “That could be as little as a student passing a test or as big as boosting their grade by two letters. You should always celebrate success.”
“I would say one of the biggest challenges in teaching for me is connecting with students,” he said. “I feel I connect with students/people easily, but as a teacher you are not going to reach every student. There will be students that don’t like your class or even you for that matter and no matter how hard you try you won’t change their mind. The best thing I can do is give all students the tools and guidance they need to succeed and hope for the best.”
Woods hometown is Fort Scott,  and he is a 2016 high school  graduate.

His uncle Donald Woods was a custodian for the high school for many years and owned a moving business and late aunt Joyce Woods was a grade school teacher at Winfield Scott for many years, he said.

Woods hobbies include golfing, fishing , and playing basketball.

Caleb Hendricks. Submitted photo.

Caleb Hendricks, 27, is a new Winfield Scott Physical Education Teacher and Fort Scott Middle School Assistant Girls Basketball Coach.

He has six years experience in education, with  three years as a certified teacher.

He earned his  bachelors degree from Fort Hays State University and his hometown is Sterling.


“Growing up some of the most rewarding experiences I had were as a camp counselor, coach, and youth group leader,” he said. “Working with kids and seeing their growth and accomplishment in different areas has always given me a sense of purpose.”

“The relationships that I have made with both students and staff over the years is definitely the best part of being in education. That’s really what it’s always been all about for me. Being in a position that allows me to coach and connect with kids in that element has always been a very important thing for me as well.”

A challenge for him is growing and adapting to how kids and the world are changing, he said.

“Finding new ways to connect and relate with kids can be challenging at times for sure,” he said. “Having worked with both elementary and  middle and high school ages, though, I feel like that has helped me better understand where kids are coming from and the different challenges they face. Then I feel like I’m in a better position to support them the best I can.”

He is married to Sarah Hendricks, who is a 4th Grade Teacher at Eugene Ware Elementary School and they have a 4 month-old son, Braxton.

His hobbies include football, Fantasy Football, golf, coaching, basketball, home improvement projects.


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