New Clothing Pop-Up Shop Opens in the Liberty Theatre Lobby

Rachel Pruitt. Submitted photo.

Rachel Pruitt has opened a new Christmas pop-up shop in the lobby of the Liberty Theatre, 113 S. Main in downtown Fort Scott. She has named the pop-up Better in Bourbon.

“We will be open the remainder of the year,  with new product arriving weekly,” she said.

Her products are women’s and tween girl clothing, gift items, and accessories.  For those who don’t know: a tween is no longer a little child, but not quite a teenager.

Pruitt is following a lifelong ambition, after many years spent in the apparel business.

“During college, I was the first Kansas State student to intern at the Atlanta Apparel Mart,” she said.  “Upon graduation, I worked for fifteen years in wholesale apparel based in Kansas City which involved traveling to several cities supporting NCAA Division I sports and later relocated to Nashville.”

“My next chapter lasted over 20 years in corporate marketing which included another relocation to Chicago,” she said. “After having the opportunity to live in several other cities, I found a sense of ease returning to Fort Scott. Life is simpler in a rural community, and I consider myself fortunate to have the perspective to realize life is ‘better in Bourbon’.”

“It seems there is so much focus on what is wrong today, a rapid spread of negativity,” she said. “Over the last year, I’ve attempted to refocus my energy on what is right, on things which are positive. With unwavering support from friends and family, I am returning to a lifelong passion.”

“This pop-up boutique is in the lobby of the beautiful Liberty Theatre due to the generosity of the owner, Jared Leek,” she said. “It will be open through the end of the year, Wednesday through Saturday from noon until 7 p.m., adjusting hours to coincide with special events. I am optimistic the pop-up will justify the need to look for a permanent space.”

She opened the shop on November 27.

Contact Pruitt on the following:

Facebook:  Better In Bourbon

Instagram:  @better_in_bourbon


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