New Bookstore Grand Opening Today, Oct. 30

Jan and Dick Hedges, owners of Hedgehog.INK.

Hedgehog.INK, a bookstore featuring new and gently used books has its’ grand opening today at 5:15 to 6:30 p.m.

The ribbon cutting is at 5:45 p.m.

The store is located at 16 S. Main and owned by Jan and Dick Hedges.

Hedgehog.INK, located at 16 S. Main, in historic downtown Fort Scott.

The store accepts paperbacks and hardback books for all age levels, according to information provided.

Most of the books traded for store credit will receive up to 20 percent of the price charged for the book at Hedgehog.INK.

Book pricing depends on book quality, age, demand, current stock, and condition.

Trade credit can be redeemed at the rate of 1/2 credit and 1/2 cash for books only. For example, if a book is purchased for $4, one can apply $2 of credit, and the customer will pay the remaining$2 in cash.

New or used books can be special ordered through Hedgehog.INK.

Jan Hedges stands in front of her display of a new children’s series of books, called Barefoot Books.

The Hedges will sell a series of new children’s books, called Barefoot Books.

“They are colorful, high-quality books for children,” Jan said.

The children’s area of the Hedgehog.INK bookstore.

In addition to a children’s area, there is a writers area in the store, where customers can read or write.

Sheryl Bloomfield is the assistant manager and Addison Guilfoyle is an employee.

Sheryl Bloomfield logs in books Monday afternoon at Hedgehog.INK.

In addition to books, local products will be for sale.

Goat milk products, lavender products, and homemade cards are among the items provided by local producers to Hedgehog.INK, that are for sale.

The Lavender Patch owner, Betsy Reichard, has a sales area in Hedgehog.INK. She sells lavender products that she produces on her farm: soaps, sprays, dried lavender, etc.
Homemade cards by Jean Solomon will be for sale in the store.

“Dick and I have been amazed at how people have come to volunteer and help us,” Jan Hedges said.

Dick Hedges, left, works on processing books Monday afternoon, while volunteer Sharon Campbell works on books on the shelves.

“Our motto is a community of books for the community,” Jan said.

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