National Avenue to have sections closed into new year

The project along National Avenue continues as crews put in new water lines as well as install storm drains and curbs.

11-4 Road Work

While the current, closed section between 9th and 11th streets should open in upcoming weeks, City Manager Dave Martin said the work crews will then move on to another section, likely to the north, resulting in more road closures.

“I know it’s very frustrating for everybody,” Martin said of the road closures, but said that was the only safe way to do it. “When it gets all said and done, it will be very nice.”

Martin said he realized going into the project that it would likely span into the new year, but that the wait would be worth it as water pressure is improved in that area and the storm drains help prevent flooding along National.

“The project’s going pretty well,” said Bob Grissith with Amino Brothers Co., saying they have already put in a 12-inch water line from the south end of the project to 8th Street and the storm sewer for drainage from 9th to 11th Street.

With that part complete, Grissith said they will now finish grading and putting in curbing before moving on to the next section. Because of the upcoming holiday and current weather forecasts, Grissith said it will likely be another two weeks before that portion opens once more.

“I don’t think the citizens realized the magnitude of what we have going there,” Martin said. “It’s not just a simple overlay of the road.”

Work goes slowly as crews come across hard rock they have to break through, a common problem for such projects in Fort Scott, Martin says. The crews will work until the weather gets too cold and will pick it up again in 2016.

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