Middle School Technology Class Tour

Fort Scott Middle School Technology Teacher Adam Feagins explains the three-dimensional printer to an attendee of the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce weekly coffee Thursday.

Learning is hands-on in Mr. Feagins technology classes.

Attendees of the weekly coffee coordinated by the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce took a tour of the career technology education class Thursday.

Adam Feagins is the instructor of the classes: Intro to technology,
Pre-Engineering, 6th Grade Technology, 7th Grade technology, and
8th Grade Technology.

USD 234 Curriculum Director Nicki Traul  told the Chamber attendees that Feagins classes are popular among students.

“The goal is to teach the students basic technology concepts,” Feagins said in a later interview.¬† “Once they learn the concepts they have to use the knowledge in some type of project.”

The following photos are some of the students working on projects in the classroom.

Eighth-grade students Ashlynn Bagnall and Shawn Barrager press a vinyl pattern piece on a t-shirt in Feagins technology class Thursday.
Eighth-grade students Grant Feagins, left, and Bobby Kemmerer, right explain their rolling robot project to Fort Scott Chamber Member John Hill during the tour of the classroom Thursday morning. They are timing how fast the robot can go.
Eighth-grade students Amanda Emmerson and Kerragan Davis paint a background as part of their Rube Goldberg Project. A marble will start at one point and set in motion a domino effect with the end result watering of a live plant.
Teachers in USD 234 School have a poster of their education process posted near their classroom door. This is Adam Feagins.

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