Maycumber Receives Community Block Development Grant

Chris Maycumber, owner of Mayco Ace Hardware.

Chris Maycumber. owner of Mayco Ace Hardware, 205  Scott, is the recipient of a Community Development Block Grant to repair his building. The grant was for $225,000, with Maycumber matching with $75,000.


According to the website: :

“The Small Cities Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program allows the Department of Commerce to distribute federal funds to Kansas cities and counties looking to improve their community.

CDBG awards are given in four primary categories:

  1. Annual Competitive Grants
    1. Water and Sewer
    2. Housing Rehabilitation
    3. Community Facilities
  2. Economic Development Grants
  3. Commercial Rehabilitation Grants
  4. Urgent Need Grants”
Maycumber’s grant is for rehabilitating his building.

“It’s to fix up the appearance of the building exterior,” he said. “The roof, windows, doors, and anything that will get the building up to  city code.”

The CDBG process began in 2018, he said.

“After a few snafu’s and the COVID-19 pandemic, it put us behind,” Maycumber said.

When the state does a CDB Grant, the project is put into a state-wide website, where contractors can bid on the specifications.

Although he can’t determine the contractors for the project, Maycumber said he hopes to use local businesses.

Currently, Agricultural Engineering Associates, Uniontown, is providing the building specs, he said.

“The state hasn’t put their money up yet, then we do, then the process to bid begins,” Maycumber said.

Thirty days after the project has let bids, they will know who the contractors are.

“Hopefully, by the end of November,” he said. “Then they will have so many days to finish the project.

The storefront at 203 State, north of the hardware store is the focus of the grant.

The last store in that building was Dollar General Store, who left in 2015, he said.

The 203 and 205 State building is owned by Maycumber with his mother, Joyce Maycumber.


203 State Street is the storefront just north of Mayco Ace Hardware, which is 205 State Street. It is all one building that will receive updates from a new grant that Chris Maycumber received.

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