Lowell Milken Center Plans 10th Year Events

One year ago, the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes opened the doors of its new facility, housing a number of exhibits. But for 10 years, the center has been helping students and teachers bring recognition to individuals that had an impact on their community or era.

“It doesn’t seem possible that time has passed so quickly,” Director Norm Conard said of the time since the completion of the building. “We have so many good things coming up.”

In honor of the 10th anniversary, the center employees and directors are preparing for events in September that include a visit from Lowell Milken and the revealing of children’s books written by local retired teacher Cathy Werling about some of the unsung heroes’ stories, but at an elementary level. The world premiere of a film called “Teach us All” will also be held during the event.

But before that celebration, the center continues to host a number of events throughout the summer, as groups visit the center to see the exhibits or for training. Twelve nationally recognized teachers will visit in June as fellows of the center. The fellows and other teachers are also helping create a module concerning the unsung heroes for Kansas curriculum.

The local Rotary District Governor inauguration will be hosted at the center in July. Also in July, a group of about 30 people will travel to Poland to view the location of the story of the first unsung hero, Irena Sendler.

Members of the center also helped local high school Zoe Self, whose project qualified her for the national history day in Maryland this year. Four new exhibits are being added to the center this year as well.

The Lowell Milken Center is open to visitors and those wanting to look through the exhibits on their own or with a tour guide. Information on the exhibits, upcoming events or the center’s hours can be found at their website: lowellmilkencenter.org.



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