Letter to the Editor: Randy Nichols


In my position as a city commissioner, I have remained silent regarding issues involving the one-cent city sales tax.  Not speaking out is no longer an option.

We as commissioners all recognize the importance of infrastructure but the infrastructure is not our only responsibility to our citizens.

The people of Fort Scott have for two years been subjected to a “fake news,” misinformation campaign.  A city commissioner and people who guide him allege the one-cent city sales tax is illegal or not being used lawfully.  They are wrong!

This tax is being used just as it was intended.  To say otherwise is an insult to the intelligence of the voters who approved the tax in 1986.  To say otherwise fails to recognize that commissioners have in good faith been using this tax for the benefit of our community for thirty-five years.  To say otherwise disregards the fact that the state has never questioned the validity of this tax.

The one-cent city sales tax is the major funding source for our police and fire departments.  If these people divert or stop this tax they will effectively be DEFUNDING the police and fire departments.  To avoid defunding police and fire money would either have to be taken from assets like Buck Run, LaRoche field, Gunn Park, codes department and economic development or our property taxes would need to be raised more than 30 mils.

To defund public safety, to not support the assets that attract people to Fort Scott or to raise our property taxes by 30 mils would be a death blow to sustaining and growing our community.

Don’t believe the Fake News.

Don’t DEFUND the police and fire departments.

Don’t risk having your property taxes increased by more than 30 mils.

Be wise in your choice of candidates this election.  Your vote will make a difference.


Randy Nichols MD

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