Letter To The Editor: Michael Hoyt

The following was submitted by Michael Hoyt.

A group of concerned citizens has worked to obtain a sufficient petition from the Bourbon County Counselor to repeal and revoke the 1% City-Wide sales tax.

Attached is a fact sheet surrounding this effort.

The citizen’s group have sought to negotiate a reasonable solution with the City Attorney who would then make a recommendation to the City Commission a solution that would not require a special election and the loss of sales tax of at least (1) quarter of revenue if the Electors vote “not to continue the 1% City-Wide sales tax.”

Any negotiated solution would be similar to the 1983 resolution and “sunset” every 10 years; the group recognizes that Fort Scott City Management has, in their opinion, misdirected the majority of the monies collected to the general fund and a “weaning off” period might be required.

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