Letter to the Editor: Lakyn Rucker


The bulletin board in Mrs. Rucker’s first-grade class. Submitted photo.

The Hearts Around the World project was brought to my attention by an amazing friend of mine.

I made the flyer and sent it out on Facebook.

People have shared said flyer more than 200 times
and then they shared it and it just exploded!

In a short amount of time, we started receiving
an abundant amount of cards and even gifts!

We ended up receiving cards from 48 states with Missouri being the most. Texas was the second runner-up. We even received postcards and letters from Italy, Canada, Bolivia, Australia, Ireland, Europe, and Puerto Rico!

The first-grade class was overjoyed with love and happiness. The excitement they experienced was unbelievable! There were even a few tears shed by a few of my students.

I would personally like to thank everyone who shared the flyer, or sent a letter, gift, or postcard.

You all were a huge part in making this project such a huge success.



Mrs. Lakyn Rucker

West Bourbon Elementary School Teacher

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