Legislative Update by State Senator Caryn Tyson

Caryn Tyson


January 28, 2022


The journey of a bill  After a bill is introduced. it is assigned to a committee so that the legislation can be properly vetted.  The chairman can schedule a hearing, allowing people, conferees, to testify.  Legislators can ask questions of conferees, evaluate and propose changes to legislation.  If a majority of committee members vote to advance the legislation, it will then be assigned to the Committee of the Whole.  Committee of the Whole is all of the members of that chamber.  The Majority Leader schedules debate for the Committee of the Whole.  After debate and possible amendments, the Committee of the Whole votes whether to pass the legislation and advance it to final action.  If a bill passes a final action vote, it will advance to the other chamber or it goes to the Governor if it has passed both chambers.  At that point the Governor can sign the bill into law, veto the bill, or do nothing and after 10 days the bill becomes law.


The Senate Tax Committee had hearings on two bills where the conferee was a Kansas resident who would like to have sales tax removed on manufacture coupons, Senate Bill (SB) 354, and sales tax removed on delivery charges, shipping and postage, SB 327.  Most people are not aware they pay sales tax on these items.


SB 347 is on the fast track to who knows where.  There was a major rush to pass SB 347 out of the Senate Commerce Committee and across the Senate floor.  SB 347 would allow the Secretary of Commerce to give sales, income, and property tax incentives, estimated to be over $1 billion to entice a company, very possibly a foreign company, to come to Kansas.  Proponents say it will bring 4,000 jobs to Kansas.  Good, but what company and what Kansas industries will be impacted by the “new” jobs.  When Kansas was trying to entice NASCAR to come to Kansas everything was up front, legislators knew the business and made the decision eyes-wide-open.  With SB 347, only a few legislators know what company the Governor and Secretary of Commerce are willing to give over $1 billion of taxpayer money.  I was able to get an amendment on that would at least stop the company from getting back more income tax than they paid to the state of Kansas.  I could not support this legislation.  With SB 347, the Secretary of Commerce has the authority to give away billions of dollars and there are no caps or restrictions on the number of companies to receive the tax incentives in the bill.  Disappointingly, the bill passed the Senate 32 to 7.  The House will push the bill through the process in an attempt to put it on the Governor’s desk the first week in February.  Hopefully, the House will be able to kill the current bill or make major changes so that it will be a win for Kansas taxpayers.


It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your 12th District State Senator.


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  1. Heard you speak in Lawrence last night. Thank you and thanks for the work you are doing for We the People!
    Unfortunately my senator nor my representative share my values!

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