Legislative Update By State Senator Caryn Tyson

January 31, 2020

Kansas Property Taxes have increased 164% from 1997 to 2018, while inflation was 49.5%. during the same time-frame.  And we have some whose property taxes have increased 15% or more just in the last year.


Senate Bill (SB) 294 and SB 295 were introduced to promote transparency and fairness in our property tax system.  SB 294 would require a vote of local government to increase your property taxes.  Taxpayers deserve to know why their taxes are increasing.  SB 295 would stop your property tax from increasing for normal maintenance.  When you need to paint your house or need a new roof it shouldn’t increase your property tax.  Especially when the person who doesn’t take care of their property receives a lower tax bill.


There is an effort by some who are funded with property taxpayer dollars to try and kill or weaken the bills.  It appears they want business as usual.


Value Them Both (mother and child) Constitutional amendment, Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 1613, passed the Senate on a vote of 28 Yes to 12 No.  The SCR would allow Kansas voters the opportunity to amend our State Constitution and clarify the authority to enact laws on abortion is with the legislature and not the courts.  The next step is for the House to debate and vote on the SCR.  It must pass the House with 2/3 majority before it can be on a ballot for Kansas voters.  If the amendment passes the House and goes on a ballot, a yes vote would keep Kansas abortion laws already in place.  This is required because the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that our founding fathers allowed for abortion in our state constitution.


The amendment would help in stopping the courts from legislating abortion laws from the bench.  The Court opinion is posted online at:



Legislating from the bench needs to be stopped.  Last year a Kansas Supreme Court decision blocks the state from prosecuting illegal immigrants who use a fake Social Security Number (SSN).  The majority of justices ruled Kansas has no right to prosecute an “alien” for using a stolen SSN.  Two justices dissented and understood how disastrous it is to not be able to prosecute whomever breaks Kansas laws.



A loud and clear message must be sent to the justices that we will not tolerate judges rulings based on personal opinions rather than on law.  SCR 1613 will help send that message.


It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your 12th District State Senator.




One thought on “Legislative Update By State Senator Caryn Tyson”

  1. I think Caryn has the right idea and is supporting the right bills. We need taxing transparency and we need to have more local control over how much taxes we pay. The goal needs to be lowering taxes and write bills that do that. Also, I am in favor of the value them both amendment. I hope people who read this, will contact their representative and let them know of their support.

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