Kiwanis collect shoes for third world countries

Through the end of May, the Pioneer Kiwanis will continue collecting new or gently used pairs of shoes from members of the community, with the goal of collecting 2,500 pairs to send to third world countries.

5-7 Kiwanis 2

The Kiwanis club began the Donate Your Soles collection in April and continues to strive to reach their goal before the end of the month. The shoes they collect will be sent overseas to developing nations in an effort to help residents there start and maintain a business to support themselves and their families.

The shoe drive also serves as a fundraiser as the Kiwanis will receive funding based on the number of pairs collected. That money will be used towards the Kiwanis’ Youth Program in Bourbon County.

Bids and Dibs on National Avenue in downtown Fort Scott is serving as a location to drop off donated shoes. With the approach of summer as well as the common garage sale season, the Kiwanis encourage residents to consider donating shoes they do not sell.

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