Fort Scott participates in Day of Prayer

Numerous members of the community joined together Thursday morning to participate in the 65th annual National Day of Prayer, organized by the Pioneer Kiwanis and hosted at Fort Scott Community College.

5-5 Day of Prayer 3

Reverend Marty DeWitt of Uniontown First Missionary Baptist Church referred to prayer as a vital and important part of what this country has accomplished and said that prayer is still needed for the country.

This year’s theme was “Wake Up America” and those in attendance sat at tables that held signs encouraging specific topics to pray for, including families, churches, leaders, Fort Scott, Kansas, America and upcoming elections.

Keynote speaker Gregg Motley of Landmark National Bank said “unthinkable” things are happening in the United States, such as the national debt, small towns shrinking, churches losing vitality and laws being enforced that contradict biblical morals.

But despite such tough circumstances for the churches, Motley said he believes those situations can revitalize the church.

“We’ve had tough circumstances in this country before,” Motley said, mentioning the Great Depression that then lead to one of America’s greatest generations that rebuilt the nation. “God has a purpose for tough times…Don’t fear tough times, pray and ask God to prepare your heart.”

In order for America to wake up to spiritual things, Motley said individual people need to wake up first, sharing his testimony of his “wake up call,” when he asked God to literally wake him up each morning as a young adult so he could spend time in prayer.

The Day of Prayer continues in Fort Scott with a gathering at the American flag outside the Bourbon County Courthouse at noon.

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