Kids Eat Free Lunch at Keyhole This Summer: New Food Options

Meals funded by the United State Dept. of Agriculture will be served from noon to 1 p.m. starting May 28 at the Keyhole Youth Activity Center, 1002 S. Main. The program runs Mondays through Fridays and ends July 26.

“Congress controls money through the program for child nutrition,”  Debbie Kreutzman, Kansas Food Bank Community Relations Manager, said. Kansas Food Bank provides the meals.

The meals are sack lunches are provided for those under 18 years of age.

In May 2018, volunteer servers Diana Spencer and Joyce Gobl helped serve the free sack lunches at the Keyhole.

“Kids will come in, check in, no need to give names, and then pick up a lunch of shelf-stable meals,” Kreutzman said.


“It is open to all kids, regardless of income and regardless of whether they live in Fort Scott,” Kreutzman said. “For example, if visiting a grandparent from New Mexico, say, they can come and eat.”

A look at what is inside the free sack lunch from May 2018. This year chocolate milk will be offered and an additional grain item.


Nutritional Requirements

“This provides an alternative where kids have an option to get a meal,” she said.

All meals served will have the following nutritional requirements met:

2 ounces of meat or meat alternative

A whole grain -bread, crackers, etc.

2 serves of fruit and/or vegetable

8 ounces of milk

Fresh fruits donations are being sought for the summer free food program.

Options Added To Give Children What They Like Best

“We have set meals served throughout the summer,” Kreutzman said. “In the past, we have had 30 sites across the state.”

After reviewing the past four years of serving the shelf-stable meals, Kreutzman said it was noted that children liked being offered an extra grain to their meal and preferred chocolate milk.

So those are being added to the meal options.

Community Organizations Asked To Provide Fresh Fruit

“I talked to Judy Hood (the Keyhole Site Manager) about community organizations providing fresh fruit or granola bars or fruit juice,” Kreutzman said. “There is a possibility of having fresh fruit: bananas, Cutie oranges, apples. We have to think in terms of what kids can pick up and eat. Cutting fruits or vegetables requires cutting and sanitation which requires a commercial kitchen.”

To donate contact Hood or call the Keyhole Youth Activity Center at 620-223-4700.

“Some sites across the state, Farmers Markets donate fresh fruits and vegetables to send home with kids,” Kreutzman said.

Next week chicken salad in a can, cheddar cheese sticks, applesauce, Gold Fish crackers, pretzels, fruit and grain bar, a box of juice and chocolate milk will be offered on Tuesday, the first day, Kreutzman said.


Children of all ages came to the Keyhole  for the free sack lunch. Photo from May 2018.

USD 235, Uniontown, will also be offering a children’s summer food program. That school district will utilize its’ facility and offer cafeteria style food. That program starts June 3 and will be featured next week in


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