KDOT: Owl Creek and Paint Creek Bridges to Be Replaced in Bourbon County

KDOT announces approved November bids

The Kansas Department of Transportation announces approved bids for state highway construction and maintenance projects. The letting took place Nov. 16, 2022, in Topeka. Some of the bids may include multiple projects that have been bundled based on proximity and type of work.

District One — Northeast

Jefferson ‑ 24‑44 KA‑5105‑01 ‑ U.S. 24, from approximately 1,056 feet east of the K‑237/U.S. 24 junction east to approximately 211 feet west of Elm Street in the city of Perry, includes the replacement of bridge #009 over the Delaware River located 4.26 miles east of K‑237, grading, bridge and surfacing, 5.0 miles, Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $12,613,929.42.

Leavenworth ‑ 24‑52 KA‑6564‑01 ‑ U.S. 24/4th Street and U.S. 24/Star Drive in Tonganoxie, ADA curb, ramps and signals, Gunter Construction Company, Kansas City, Kansas, $215,155.00.

District Four — Southeast

Bourbon ‑ 39‑6 KA‑3908‑01 ‑ K‑39, bridge #044 over Owl Creek located 2.14 miles east of the east K‑3 junction, bridge replacement, Bridges Inc., Newton, Kansas, $1,992,442.43.

Bourbon ‑ 3‑6 KA‑3909‑01 ‑ K‑3, bridge #024 over Paint Creek located 1.58 miles north of the Crawford County line, bridge replacement, Bridges Inc., Newton, Kansas, $1,824,955.40.

Cherokee ‑ 69‑11 KA‑6708‑01 ‑ U.S. 69, from the Oklahoma/Kansas state line north to the south city limits of Columbus, and from the north city limits of Columbus north to the K‑7/U.S. 160/U.S. 69 junction, milling and overlay, 12.0 miles, Emery Sapp & Sons Inc. And Subsidiaries, Columbia, Missouri, $3,282,750.10.

Crawford ‑ 47‑19 KA‑6624‑01 ‑ K‑47, from the Neosho/Crawford county line east to the west city limits of Girard, recycle and overlay, 12.5 miles, Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $3,520,005.77.

Franklin ‑ 59‑30 KA‑6579‑01 ‑ U.S. 59, from the north I‑35/U.S. 59 junction north to the Franklin/Douglas county line, overlay, 7.8 miles, Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $15,177,572.95.

Greenwood ‑ 400‑37 KA‑6594‑01 ‑ U.S. 400, from the east K‑99/U.S. 400 junction east to the Greenwood/Wilson county line, overlay, 15.2 miles, APAC-Kansas Inc. Shears Division, Hutchinson, Kansas, $12,927,592.19.

Neosho ‑ 47‑67 KA‑6623‑01 ‑ K‑47, from the west city limits of St. Paul east to the Neosho/Crawford county line, recycle and overlay, 5.5 miles, Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $1,765,476.74.

Neosho ‑ 47‑67 KA‑6707‑01 ‑ K‑47, beginning at the U.S. 169/K‑47 junction east to the north U.S. 59/K‑47 junction, overlay, 11.1 miles, Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $2,863,827.07.

District Five — South Central

Harper ‑ 39 C‑5005‑01 – Bridge over Rush Creek, located 3.8 miles west and 3.0 miles north of Anthony, bridge replacement, 0.2 mile, L & M Contractors Inc., Great Bend, Kansas, $929,127.75.

Harvey ‑ 40 C‑5136‑01 ‑ 28 intersections located throughout the county, signing, 2.0 miles, Cooper Construction LLC, Emporia, Kansas, $29,144.20.

Harvey ‑ 50‑40 KA‑1827‑05 ‑ U.S. 50, from 5 miles east of the U.S. 50/RS‑305 junction (at the east end of existing passing lanes) east 0.8 mile, grading and surfacing, 0.8 mile, Pearson Construction LLC, Wichita, Kansas, $1,954,995.79.

Reno ‑ 50‑78 KA‑6719‑01 ‑ U.S. 50, bridge #007 located 6.7 miles west of K‑14, bridge repair, Wildcat Construction Co. Inc. & Subsidiaries, Wichita, Kansas, $123,305.40.

Sedgwick ‑ 235‑87 KA‑3232‑02 ‑ I‑235, I‑135, K‑254 and K‑96 interchange (Gold Project) in northeast Wichita, grading, bridge and surfacing, 6.1 miles, Bergkamp King, A Joint Venture, LLC, Wichita, Kansas, $140,775,519.17.



The following bids were approved from the Oct. 19, 2022, letting.

Douglas ‑ 23 TE‑0472‑02 – From Elm Street to the historic Santa Fe Depot on High Street, within the Midland Railway right of way in Baldwin City, pedestrian and bicycle paths, 0.5 mile, Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $699,036.25.

Chase ‑ 9 U‑2403‑01 – Strong City Safe Routes to Schools Priority 1 Improvements, primarily on 5th Street and near Chase County Elementary School, pedestrian and bicycle paths, 0.8 mile, Prado Construction LLC, Valley Center, Kansas, $790,626.08.

Butler ‑ 8 N‑0692‑01 ‑ 159th Street, from U.S. 54/400 east to Central Avenue in Andover, grading and surfacing, 1.0 mile, Pearson Construction LLC, Wichita, Kansas, $5,511,222.11.

Morton ‑ 65 C‑5124‑01 ‑ Intersections of RS-1000 with RS-1488 and with RS-482, intersection improvement, 1.0 mile, Cooper Construction LLC, Emporia, Kansas, $61,154.00.

Wabaunsee ‑ 99 C‑5112‑01 ‑ Bridge over Maple Hill, located 1.0 mile east and 0.2 mile north of Maple Hill, bridge replacement, 0.2 mile, A M Cohron & Son Inc., Atlantic, Iowa, $1,807,094.15.

Marion ‑ 57 C‑5069‑01 – 190th Street and Nighthawk Road intersection, intersection improvement, 1.0 mile, Bruce Davis Construction LLC, Emporia, Kansas, $333,977.10.

Allen ‑ 1 C‑5001‑01 ‑ Bridge over stream, located 1.0 mile south and 2.0 miles east of Carlyle, bridge replacement, 0.1 mile, J & J Contractors Inc., Iola, Kansas, $235,798.30.

Montgomery ‑ 63 C‑5082‑01 ‑ Bridge over Illinois Creek, located 2.0 miles north and 0.1 mile west of Havana, bridge replacement, 0.1 mile, B & B Bridge Company LLC, St. Paul, Kansas, $988,276.50.

Anderson ‑ 59‑2 KA‑5422‑01 ‑ U.S. 59, from W 4th Avenue to K‑31/W Park Road in Garnett, pavement reconstruction, 0.5 mile, Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc., Topeka, Kansas, $1,554,874.55

Reno ‑ 78 C‑5116‑01 ‑ Bridge over Cow Creek, located 0.5 mile west and 2.0 miles north of Willow Brook, bridge replacement, 0.1 mile, King Construction Company Inc. & Subsidiaries, Hesston, Kansas, $970,188.30.


This information can be made available in alternative accessible formats upon request. For information about obtaining an alternative format, contact the KDOT Division of Communications, 700 SW Harrison St., 2nd Fl West, Topeka, KS 66603-3745 or phone 785-296-3585 (Voice)/Hearing Impaired – 711.

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