KDHE Looks At Accomplishments

KDHE Looks Back at Accomplishments in 2018, Looks Forward to 2019

Areas include Public Health, Environment and Health Care Finance


TOPEKA – The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) is looking forward to 2019 and looking back at some of its accomplishments in 2018.


“We made great strides in a number of areas,” said Secretary Jeff Andersen. “KDHE’s Divisions of Public Health, Environment and Health Care Finance all had great achievements of which the citizens of Kansas can be proud. We look forward to continuing that work in the coming year.”


Some of the achievements at KDHE included:


Public Health

  • Launching the Maternal Mortality Review which includes a review committee focused on implementing a comprehensive review of maternal and pregnancy-associated mortality.
  • Helping to organize and lead the Governor’s Substance Use Disorder Task Force chaired by KDHE Chief Medical Officer Dr. Greg Lakin, presenting a series of proposals to the Governor to combat the opioid epidemic in 2019 and beyond.
  • Introducing the “Count the Kicks” stillbirth prevention initiative with over 326 expectant Kansas mothers having downloaded and used the free CTK app.
  • The KDHE Office of Vital Statistics making birth certificates available online with the PayIt app and opening its new office in Topeka with increased space for customers and a new registration system on the way in early 2019.



  • Coordinating its Dry Cleaner Remediation Program, connecting 209 homes to city water in the Haysville area and coordinating with the City of Haysville to complete the design and installation of 8.7 miles of new city water main.
  • Initiating its Private Well Water campaign, including an instructional video for homeowners to properly take a water sample for nitrates and total coliform, a webpage, a public service announcement, flyer and social media infographics.
  • Assisting in the aftermath of natural disasters including the tornadoes in Eureka and flooding in many counties across the state.
  • Monitoring our rivers, streams, lakes and ponds for harmful algal blooms.


Health Care Finance

  • Approval of the state’s 1115 waiver extension application granting the state of Kansas the authority to operate KanCare, the state’s managed care program.
  • Awarding a new MCO contract to Aetna and holding statewide KanCare education meetings to explain the changes that will occur in 2019.
  • Effective Jan. 1, 2019, handling training and quality at the KanCare Clearinghouse for Medicaid eligibility. Effective, July 1, 2019, the state will take over responsibilities for the processing of elderly and disabled applications.

“These are only a few of our accomplishments during 2018,” said Secretary Andersen. “In 2019 we look forward to building on these and all of the areas KDHE addresses to follow our mission to protect and improve the health and environment of all Kansans.”

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