Kansas Hits 10 Straight Months of Record-Low Unemployment


– Today, Governor Laura Kelly celebrated that for the past ten months, Kansas’ unemployment rate has been below 2.9% — the previous historic low last reached in August 1978. For each of those months, Kansas’ unemployment rate was over a full percentage point below the nation’s unemployment rate.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Kansas has the 8th lowest unemployment rate in the country.

“We have been tireless about prioritizing job creation, business investment, and workforce development – and it’s clear our efforts are paying off,” said Governor Kelly. “For ten straight months, Kansas has far outstripped the nation as a whole when it comes to ensuring people have the high-quality employment they need to provide for their families and contribute to their communities.”

This month, Governor Kelly announced that Kansas has surpassed 50,000 jobs created and retained since the start of her administration.

Kansas began keeping records of monthly unemployment rates in January 1976.

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