John Hrenak Jr. Celebrates 45 Years With KDOT

KDOT employees celebrate service anniversaries

The Kansas Department of Transportation expresses its appreciation for employees celebrating state service anniversaries in June. KDOT is proud to acknowledge them for the long-term dedication they have provided to the state of Kansas.

Those celebrating 45 years:

  • Pamela Fleck, Engineering Technician Specialist, Topeka
  • John Hrenak Jr., District Maintenance Engineer, Fort Scott            

Those celebrating 40 years:

  • Donald Whisler, Bridge Inspection Engineer, Topeka
  • Tracey Zieman, Engineering Technician, El Dorado

Those celebrating 35 years:

  • Bret Calvin, Engineering Technician Specialist, Latham
  • Jean Istas, Construction Engineer Associate, Aurora

Those celebrating 30 years:

  • Christopher Collins, Highway Maintenance Superintendent, Hutchinson
  • Michael Smith, Refrigeration and AC Service Technician Senior, Hutchinson

Those celebrating 25 years:

  • Jason Flax, Network Service Technician III, Hill City
  • Brian Holloway, Equipment Operator Specialist, Osborne
  • Sherri Perry, Legal Assistant, Meriden
  • Amy Pope, Field Engineer, Olathe

 Those celebrating 20 years:

  • Stacie Cook, Engineering Technician Supervisor, Kansas City
  • Jason Fogleman, Highway Shop Superintendent, Cherryvale
  • Joshua Greening, Highway Maintenance Supervisor, Topeka
  • Nathan Jeffries, State Traffic Sign Engineer, Lawrence
  • James Middleton, Construction Engineer Associate, Pratt
  • James Riener, District Construction/Materials Engineer, Phillipsburg
  • Dominique Shannon, Assistant Bureau Chief, Topeka

Those celebrating 15 years:

  • Aaron Burd, Engineering Technician Supervisor, Salina
  • Colby Farlow, Program and Project Management Director, Lawrence
  • Mervin Lare, Stormwater Compliance Engineer, Lincolnville
  • Emilie Metheny, Pavement Engineer, Topeka
  • Levi Miller, Equipment Mechanic Senior, Harveyville
  • Carrie Padgette, Environmental Compliance and Regulations Specialist I, Salina

Those celebrating 10 years:

  • Nathan Blankinship, Equipment Operator Specialist, Sedan
  • Matthew Golightley, Network Service Technician III, Garden City
  • Troy Howard, District Construction/Materials Engineer, Chanute
  • Daniel Ingram, Equipment Operator Senior, Nevada
  • Jason Kolb, Regional Geologist, Augusta
  • Joshua Matyi, Estimating Engineering Associate, Lawrence
  • Susan Miller, Administrative Specialist, Topeka
  • Adam Smith, Network Service Technician II, Topeka
  • Andrew Spencer, Bridge Management Engineer, Topeka
  • Erika Wilson, Right of Way Property Appraiser II, Topeka

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