John Bartlesmeyer: 60 Years in the Craft

John Bartelsmeyer in front of his jewelry store on North Main in Fort Scott.

John Bartelsmeyer, Fort Scott’s jeweler, is training the next generation of jewelers.

Bartelsmeyer Jewelry specializes in retail jewelry sales, engagement rings, custom jewelry designs, and repair or restoration of all types of jewelry.

Krysta Hulbert has been working for him since 2010, and has been learning ring sizing, general jewelry repair, chain repair, welding with a torch and engraving.

Krysta and Wyatt Hulbert. Submitted photo.

Her husband, Wyatt, has been coming in on his days off his regular job to learn some of the trade as well.

“Wyatt is learning ring sizing and in the near future-diamond setting, stone setting and making pendants,” Bartelsmeyer said.


Jeweler John Bartelsmeyer works on a piece of jewelry.

Bartelsmeyer started learning from his dad, Bart, at Newberry Jewelry. His dad had apprenticed as a watchmaker.

“In 1963, my dad bought the shop from Newberry’s widow,” he said.
“I had already been working with him after school on Saturdays.”

“So, I have been doing it for 60 years,” he said.

Through the years, Bartelsmeyer not only learned from his dad, but took jewelry seminars and schools and most recently gleans from You Tube, on the internet.

He credits Elmer Smith, who was a Fort Scott Community College welding instructor, with helping him learn to be a metalsmith, and eventually Bartelsmeyer helped teach the class.

“I love to move metal,” he said. “He taught me techniques I use everyday.”

Bartelsmeyer restores heirloom jewelry and also crafts chains out of gold and silver.

“I love what I am doing, I think it’s because of the smile on the customer’s face,” he said. “I get to work on beautiful things for beautiful people.”

The Bartelsmeyer Jewelry store, looking to the street.


The store features new and also estate sale jewelry.
Bartelsmeyer Jewelry is at 22 N. Main, Fort Scott and can be reached at 620.223.2070, email: [email protected] or website:

John works Wednesday-Saturday.

6 thoughts on “John Bartlesmeyer: 60 Years in the Craft”

  1. Congratulations John!! I am still wearing a ring you designed for me in 1969 and I still love it as much now as I did then. Thank you.

  2. John, you are just the BEST!!! We are so blest to have you and your amazing talent in our lives!
    Thank you for always being so welcoming and kind to us as customers and even more life long friends!!! Stay in the saddle!!!

  3. I have a beautifully crafted wedding ring you made for my mother and now I probably wear it. John you are the best plus kind to your customers.

  4. John- You learned well from your father. Fort Scott is blessed to have such a honored jewelry family. Hope you will continue to be a blessing to your customers.

  5. Congratulations John! I had to stop and think about the name Elmer Smith. We always called him Smitty. I found this info on the name Smith, and it looks like Elmer was predestined for metalwork.

    “Smith dates back to the Anglo-Saxon era and derives from the occupation of ‘smith’, from the Old English ‘Smid’, which means to hit or to strike, and was used to describe someone who worked with metal (a blacksmith for example).”

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