Jeff Fischer: Candidate for Bourbon County Commissioner, Advance Voting Has Begun

Jeff Fischer. Submitted photo.

Advance voting at the Bourbon County Courthouse, 210 S. National Avenue continues until noon, August 3.

The hours of the county clerk’s office are 8:30 a.m.-4:30 pm.  There is a plexiglass barrier between the voter and poll worker and employees are sanitizing after each voter, Bourbon County Clerk Kendell Mason said.

“Masks are not required, but we strongly encourage people to wear them to help keep everyone safe,” Mason said.” Masks and hand sanitizer will be available at all polling places.”

To view the Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum on July 20, click here:


This is part of a series of features on the candidates running for offices in Bourbon County.  The Bourbon County Primary Election will be held, Tuesday, August 4, 2020.


Jeff Fischer

What position you are running for:

County Commissioner 2nd District


59 Years


Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering

Masters of Science Civil Engineering

Post Graduate Studies Civil Engineering


3.5 years of experience in the role of Commissioner

10 years of leading corporate and collegiate learning experiences

20 years of construction engineering experience

What skills do you bring to the position if elected or re-elected?

If my constituents re-elect me to serve again as their commissioner I bring the skills from the past as outlined in my educational background: Professional Civil Engineer, Experience with heavy construction, Experience speaking to large audiences on a wide range of topics from the medical service sector to roads and bridge rehabilitation. I am a skilled researcher and seek to understand complex issues by drawing from a broad band of knowledge, before narrowing down to reaching a decision for the good of the present with a look to future growth and development. I have the skills of a pastor who nurtures the flock in my pastoral duties in my church. As a leader in the ministerial community I have gained the skill of listening and the skill of humbling myself. I learn from my mistakes. I seek input from others and try to make amends for wrongs foolishly committed. I have a genuine love for the future growth of Fort Scott and Bourbon County. My public speaking skills at local, regional, state and national levels are a valued asset to our community. I can represent Bourbon County in the Committee meetings across the globe, if necessary, to gain access to outsiders planning to locate their businesses in rural America. I am skilled at financial planning and can assist in helping department heads when they seek guidance in yearly budgets. I have a unique skill in historical memories of Fort Scott, remembering what our great-grand parents envisioned for us and dreamed for our children. My skills are varied, yes, through years of formal education and also life experiences. My constituents afforded me an opportunity to serve Bourbon County four years ago. Thank you for your vote of confidence in 2016. Please review what the commission as a body has accomplished. I humbly ask your forgiveness for my stumbles. I seek the chance to continue in service to the community we all love.

What is your priority on day one?

  1. Listen carefully.
  2. Secure additional anchor tenants to realize the capacity and benefits of the Medical Mall concept.
  3. Develop and implement a strategic plan for county infrastructure.


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