Introducing the Candidates: Jeff Caldwell

This is a part of a series of candidates for the November 6 election.
Governor/Lt. Governor (vote for one)

Kris Kobach/ Wink Hartman P.O. Box 1993 Topeka 66601 Republican

Laura Kelly/Lynn Rogers P.O. Box 2098 Topeka 66601 Democratic

Jeff Caldwell/ Mary Gerlt 4900 W 108th St, Apt. 1202 Leawood 66211 Libertarian

Rick Kloos/Nathaniel Kloos 5339 SW 22nd Pl. Topeka 66614 Independent

Greg Orman/John Doll 18001 W 106th St Olathe 66061 Independent

Name:Jeff Caldwell
Age: 32
Candidate for the position of Governor of Kansas
Place of residence: Leawood, Kansas
Current occupation: Sales
Community involvement: Volunteer for Harvesters, Food Banks, and Food Pantries
Party affiliation: Libertarian
1) What is the biggest issue, if elected, and how do you plan to address it?
The Kansas government spends way too much money and is $3.2 billion in debt. It’s time for Kansas to stop borrowing money from different agencies and stealing from KPERS. I will work with the legislators to responsibly cut government spending, abolish unnecessary agencies like the Board of Cosmetology, and eliminate overburdensome regulations and red tape. I will also look at returning state responsibilities back to local city governments and find ways to have nonprofit organizations take over some services provided by the state.
2)Give your views on food sales tax:
Kansas is one of only seven states in the entire United States that taxes food without a reduced rate or no rate at all. Kansas has one of the highest tax rates on food in the entire United States. Missouri, Nebraska, and Colorado have a reduced tax rate on food. Oregon and Montana have no tax on food. Having some of the highest sales tax on food in the nation is a burden on everyone. My platform includes abolishing the tax on food and water, lowering private property taxes, and abolishing the income tax for the service industry.
3) Give your views on legalizing marijuana:
I am the only Kansas Gubernatorial candidate running to fully legalize cannabis. I am also the only Kansas Gubernatorial candidate running to pardon all nonviolent cannabis offenses. Earlier this year, Kansas passed a $525 million school funding increase. The politicians in Topeka have not told us how they are going to pay for it or how they are going to improve our economic outlook. The unemployment rate in Kansas has been stuck at 3.4% for over 6 months; however, the Kansas legislators are telling us an improving economy will cover the funding. I want to use funds from full legalization of medical and recreational cannabis, hemp, and sports betting to cover the cost.
4) Give your views on health care for our state, including Medicaid:
I am running to keep Medicaid at current levels while cutting government regulations to allow free market solutions to health care [not privatization like Brownback, which created government granted monopolies]. This means more direct primary care doctors, ushering in coverage from insurance companies out of state, allowing more nonprofit organizations to enter health care, and allowing for importation of medicine from other countries. Having more doctors who do not require health insurance allows for there to be more doctors able to perform tasks without charge and have more flexible payments for people who cannot afford treatment. This offsets costs from catastrophic injuries and sickness. If we can cut enough government spending, and Medicaid expansion passes the house and senate, I will sign the bill for expansion. I will work to ensure expansion does not create more red tape and operates closer to a free market than having corporate or government monopolies on health care.
5) Give views on abortion and Planned Parenthood:
I would like to keep abortion laws the same as they are. To stop polarizing politics, I support allowing Kansans to choose where their tax dollars are spent. If a citizen does not want their tax dollars to go to Planned Parenthood, they should not be forced to fund Planned Parenthood. Furthermore, if a citizen believes in funding Planned Parenthood, they should be allowed to direct their tax dollars to Planned Parenthood.

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