Introducing The Candidates: Jake LaTurner

This is part of a series featuring candidates for the November 6 election.

State Treasurer (vote for one)

Marci Francisco 1101 Ohio Lawrence 66044 Democratic

Jake LaTurner P.O. Box 67177 Topeka 66667 Republican

Name: Jake LaTurner

Age: 30

Candidate for the position of Kansas State Treasurer

Place of residence: Topeka, Kansas

Current occupation: Kansas State Treasurer

Community involvement: Various church and community-related activities.

Party affiliation: Republican

What is the biggest issue, if elected, and how do you plan to address it:

Having served as State Treasurer for the last year and a half, I am proud to say that we improved the services offered to all Kansans while saving the taxpayer’s money.

I have taken the time to analyze agency operations, allowing us to find innovative solutions, efficiencies, and streamline processes.

For example, this last fiscal year we set a record for the most unclaimed property returned to Kansans’ in a single year by more than 12%. We have put over $37 million back into the pockets of Kansans.

Our Learning Quest 529 Education Savings Accounts were ranked Top 5 in the nation by Forbes.

We also launched the ABLE savings program for individuals living with a disability and enhanced it with legislation.

Additionally, we launched a brand new, user and mobile friendly website that improves the claims process and allows for direct deposit.

All of these things have been accomplished while decreasing the square footage of the office and reducing the budget.

I list these things because not only am I running for State Treasurer, but I have a proven record of success in the office. If elected to a full-year term, I will continue to look for ways of providing a better service at the best possible cost.

Give your views on food sales-tax:

Prior to becoming State Treasurer, I was honored to represent Fort Scott in the Kanas Senate. While in the legislature, I repeatedly voted to remove and/or reduce the sales tax on food.

Give your views on legalizing marijuana:

While in the legislature, I voted against the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Give your views on healthcare – including Medicaid:

Access to quality healthcare is a critical issue to Kansans, especially in our rural areas. Costs continue to increase and many Kansans are struggling to pay their bills. This is something families across our state grapple with daily, specifically, my heart goes out to the Ft. Scott community as they cope with their recent decrease in healthcare access. I believe we can find Kansas based solutions that increase access and affordability.

Give your views on abortion and Planned Parenthood:

I am pro-life and have a 100% pro-life voting record with Kansans for Life. My wife Suzanne and I are proud members of the pro-life generation because we believe women and their unborn children deserve better than abortion.

The vast majority of Kansans do not want their hard-earned tax dollars going to subsidize abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. My voting record on this issue is clear.

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