Introducing Gravel Kansas: A Cycling Initiative that Redefines Adventure and Connection [Kansas

Gravel Kansas is thrilled to announce the official launch of its innovative cycling initiative, dedicated to crafting unforgettable gravel cycling routes across the picturesque landscapes of
The State That Made Gravel Famous©.

This exciting venture is returning to gravel roots by merging the thrill of gravel riding with the power of storytelling to foster a deep connection between cyclists and the remarkable places they traverse.

At the heart of Gravel Kansas is a commitment to celebrating the rich heritage, culture, and stories that define the state. Through
a meticulously curated selection of gravel routes, cyclists will embark on journeys that weave through historic towns, rolling prairies, and breathtaking vistas. Each route serves as a gateway
to discovery, leading riders to hidden gems and immersing them in the tapestry of Kansas’ diverse landscapes.

“We are thrilled to introduce Gravel Kansas to cyclists around the world,” said LeLan Dains, Founding Chair of Gravel Kansas. “Our initiative is all about forging a profound bond between
people, places, and stories. With every pedal stroke, cyclists will experience the beauty, history, and character of Kansas in an entirely new way.”

This project wouldn’t be possible without funding support from Kansas Tourism.

Locally, “Bourbon on the Rocks” is the name given to the group of gravel cycling routes in Bourbon County. Those routes are anywhere from 7-60 miles. Bourbon on the Rocks routes include beginner routes that are family oriented, intermediate routes (not for the faint of heart), and a couple of advanced routes for serious gravel grinders that want to be “punished” on a ride.


Fort Scott Public Relations & Tourism Director, Jackson Tough met with LeLan Dains at the 2021 Kansas tourism conference. Jackson said, “we started brainstorming ideas about a statewide
tourism push to promote Kansas as the gravel cycling capital of the world. We organized a committee and recruited other communities.”

At the same time, Tough began working with Tayton Majors, Business Retention & Community Initiatives Manager for Bourbon County Regional Economic Development on the project.
“Tayton was a great contributor in helping to design, describe, and map our variety of a dozen gravel bicycling routes within Bourbon County, all starting and ending in or near Fort Scott.

Each of the “Bourbon on the Rocks” routes offers a payoff—whether it’s a million-dollar view, a story of local lore, or a historic feature. To view Bourbon County routes simply go to, click “find routes” then “southeast.” Bourbon County is at the top of
those listings.

Tough said “we anticipate even more routes being added locally and from around the state. I’m excited to see the project’s website, come to fruition. It’s a great step to get more
gravel cycling enthusiasts to come to Bourbon County and the state.”

For more information about Gravel Kansas and to explore the inaugural routes, please visit

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About Gravel Kansas:
Gravel Kansas is a pioneering cycling initiative that creates iconic gravel routes across the
picturesque landscapes of Kansas. Combining the thrill of gravel cycling with the power of
storytelling, Gravel Kansas aims to foster a deep connection between cyclists and the
remarkable places they explore. Through meticulously curated routes and engaging narratives,
Gravel Kansas celebrates the heritage, culture, and stories that define the state. For more
information, visit

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