Improvements On Main Street

Construction crews have the east side of North Main Street blocked off this week for installing new roofs.

Triad Construction Co., K.C., MO is working on the roofs of three properties owned by Jerry Witt.

Kenny Felt Photography, 13 N. Main; Here We Go Again Upholstery, 15 N. Main and Country Girl Cuts, 19 N. Main are the businesses receiving new roofs.

9 N. Main Street is boarded up with interior construction going on.

In addition, the Witt residence at 9 N. Main, is being remodeled.

Boards have been placed over the front windows of this property, while West and Karleskint Construction, Fort Scott, work on the interior of the residence.

“We’ve put new windows on the back (which faces Skubitz Plaza), new arch windows, back down to the design of the original brick,” Witt said.

The back side of the Witt property, 9 N. Main, faces Fort Scott National Historic Site and Skubitz Plaza.

When completed the Witt residence will have a two bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home with an office on the North Main side, he said.


There is no timeline for completion of the  residence project, Witt said, he anticipates the roofing project will be completed in the next few days..

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