Hulberts Purchase Bartlesmeyer Jewelry

Krysta and Wyatt Hulbert purchased  Bartelsmeyer Jewelry on June 30, 2023

The store is located in the historic downtown Fort Scott district at 22 N. Main St

Bartelsmeyer Jewelry is now owned by Wyatt and Krysta Hulbert. Submitted photo.

“I’ve been working at the jewelry store for 13 years, and I hated the idea of the store closing it’s doors when John Bartelsmeyer decided to retire,” Krysta said. “My husband and I have been working along side John and Cindy for almost a year now to plan for us to take over the business. We are so excited that we have finally been able to make all of those plans a reality.”

John Bartelsmeyer has been a jeweler for over 60 years. Submitted photo.

“The jewelry store has been in John’s family since 1963, when his father purchased the store from Mr. Newberry,” she said. “In 1991, John Bartelsmeyer purchased the store from his father M. H. Bartelsmeyer.”

“My husband Wyatt and I are keeping the name Bartelsmeyer Jewelry for the jewelry store,” she said. “We know that the store’s name carries with it a history of honesty and integrity, and we are excited to carry on that legacy.”

The inside of the jewelry store. Submitted photo.

Krysta has been learning the ropes for all those years as an employee.

” I do a little bit of everything at the store from sales and customer service to jewelry repair and office management,” she said. “My specialty, and one of my favorite things to do, is designing custom jewelry. I love to work with customers and help them create one-of-a-kind jewelry that you won’t find anywhere else! At the jewelry store we also specialize in engagement rings, jewelry repair and restoration, ring sizing and watch repair.”

Anything new on the horizon?

“We have lots of new ideas for the future of the store,” she said. “One of our biggest and most exciting plans is to update our website to offer our jewelry for sale online! John will continue to work at the store in the mornings during the week. We will also be adding a new team member to our crew. My husband, Wyatt Hulbert, will soon be working full time alongside John to learn jewelry repair and take over the bench jewelry work when John decides he is ready to fully retire.”

Cindy and John Bartelsmeyer have been working with Krysta and Wyatt Hulbert to transition to new owners of the jewelry store. Submitte photo.

To learn more about John and the jewelry store:

John Bartlesmeyer: 60 Years in the Craft


3 thoughts on “Hulberts Purchase Bartlesmeyer Jewelry”

  1. Congratulations and good luck. It’s great to have some continuity with the Bartelsmeyer Jewelry Store in Fort Scott.

  2. My dad, Dr. Earle Binford and John’s dad and Cindy’s dad were good friends. I have bought so many things through the years. One of my very favorites is the Lion head ring that John designed. After we moved to Nebraska, my stepmother, Opal Binford, and I visited the storebevery timevwe came to Fort Scott. Opal and I have the same Birthday and are Leo’s, so we bought each other the Lion ring for our birthdays. After she passed, I was given her ring.
    Thank you so much, John, for this memory.

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