Home COVID 19 Tests

A message from the SEK Multi-County Health Department on Home COVID Tests Through U.S. Postal Service.


  • How do I do the test?   Please refer to the instructions and read ALL the instructions before attempting to do the test.
  • My test kit was outside in the cold.  Is it still good?  Refer to the package instructions.
  • My test kits are bad, how do I get another one?  We are unsure if replacements are available. Refer to testing sites or those handing out test kits.
  • Do I have to report the results to someone?  No reporting is not required, refer to this link for isolation and quarantine guidance: https://www.coronavirus.kdheks.gov/DocumentCenter/View/134/Isolation–Quarantine-Guidance-and-FAQs-PDF—021522?bidId=
  • We used our test kits earlier but are exposed again, how do we get more?  The limit is 4 per household at this time.  Refer to the isolation and quarantine link above.
  • My test says positive, but the control didn’t work, what does that mean?  If the control doesn’t work, then the test MAY not be accurate.  Retest is needed.
  • I’m not comfortable doing the test, can I bring it in and have you help?  No, this is a home test kit.
  • Can I use this kit to test my child?  There will be a section in the instructions that has “limitations” and it should say if it’s not appropriate for certain groups.

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