Health Department Moving Soon And A New Area Director

Rebecca Johnson, SEKMCHD Director.

The Southeast Kansas Multi-County Health Department, with a facility currently housed in a modular office building on the Bourbon County Courthouse square, is moving.

“We hope to be completed by the end of May,” Bourbon County Commissioner Jeff Fischer said.

“Every day we are getting closer to moving in,” Rebecca Johnson, SEKMCHD Director said. Johnson assumed the position on April 1, 2019.

“There will be lots of possibilities for health care related agencies to use the facility,” Johnson said. “We are looking into a telemedicine possibility.”

The new location is at 6th and Horton Streets and will provide more than twice the size of the existing building, Fischer said.

The Bourbon County employees will remain the same: Alice Maffet-public health nurse, Kristi George-administrative assistant and head billing clerk, Gayle Green, Healthy Start Home Visitor and Johnson.

“I’ll be working there primarily,” Johnson said.

Chardel Hastings, the previous SEKMCHD director, is stepping into the position of Woodson County Public Health Nurse, Johnson said.


Jeff Fischer, District 2 Bourbon County Commissioner.

In December 2018, SEKMCHD purchased the building from Cornerstone Bible Church. The structure was originally built by Mercy Hospital in 1992 to provide health care services.


A building permit was granted to modify the western side of the building, replacing interior walls and providing the ability to secure the SEKMCHD space from the commons areas that include the waiting room and reception area, Fischer said.


Walls and doors were installed to create three new office spaces and two examination rooms, he said.


“Painting is going on right now,” Fischer said. “Once that is done, the electrician and cabinet folks can come in.”


The electrical, plumbing and cabinetry work has yet to be completed.

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