Greyhound Football Legacy Center Launching

Fort Scott Community College letter jackets are the first memorabilia to be placed in the Greyhound Football Legacy Center, 11 N. Main.

Supporters of football at Fort Scott Community College have filed for non-profit status from the State of Kansas and are in the process of setting up a Greyhound Football Legacy Center, Inc.

They have a board of directors, and set up by-laws.

“We just started the process of a 501 3c status,” Jack Milligan, president of the group, said. “We’ve hired an accountant firm.”

“We are setting up alumni chapters throughout Kansas and other states,” he said.

“We don’t have members, we have teammates,” Milligan said. “There is a lot of energy for it.”

“We are affiliated with the Fort Scott Community College Alumni¬† Facebook page,” he said.

They have joined the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce, because the group wants “to be a part of the community,” Milligan said.

And they have a website:

They have also rented 11 N. Main from Eddie Townley for a Greyhound Football Legacy Center, which will be a gathering place for the group.

11 N. Main.


Milligan is president of the organization, Doug Ropp is vice president; Jerry Witt is vice-president at large; directors are Steve Bowers, Jim Barrows, Jim Chapman, Matt Glades, Kevin Gundy and Steve Williams.

“We have a great network of business experience and success on the board and will use that to regain the football program and many other things in the community,” Milligan said.

“We will staff the center with volunteers, local and otherwise,” he said.

The center will house old football uniforms and trophies, along with computers and furniture. Currently there is a large conference table and chairs in the building.

The group plans to launch into the community during Good Ol Days, the annual homecoming event of Fort Scott on June 3-4.

The group is hopeful of bringing football back to the community college, following the recent closing of the program.

“The FSCC Board of Trustees unanimously voted to end the historic Greyhound Football program in November 2021,”¬† according the group’s website.

The group’s goal is to bring it back for the 2023 season.


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