Grain Elevator to go through improvements, changes

In recent weeks, equipment has been spotted at the old grain elevator located at Wall Street and Highway 69 as crews begin work to repair the old concrete in preparation for other improvements and changes.

12-20 Grain Elevator

Neil Burkhardt, who is overseeing the Wall Street Properties and is assisting in the project plans for the building on behalf of its owner, said the goal is to turn the building into a facility for entertainment and recreation, such as repelling or other physical activities.

“It’s to try to create some activities for local people and bring people from out of town,” Burkhardt said, saying they are researching what would work with the building and what the city allows. “That’s in the process of being thought out and checked out.”

Burkhardt said those involved in the project are still kicking around ideas, but while doing that the building is being cleaned, repaired and painted. The goal is to have a plan in place by late spring.

“Just keep an eye on it,” Burkhardt said of the project.

13 thoughts on “Grain Elevator to go through improvements, changes”

  1. I have a great idea that I strongly think would be a big hit. If you’re interested in knowing please feel free to message me on Facebook. Thank you.

  2. What the town needs is a skating rink / blowing alley but I don’t see this happening out of this location. But instead we all travel to Pittsburgh Kansas to dump money into another towns pockets because our town has nothing in place for family or youth activities

  3. I’m glad to see plans being tossed around to maintain old grain elevator. It has a special place in family history. After returning home after the end of WW II, my dad became the manager of the grain elevator before it was shut down a few years after that. During that time, mom and dad lived in an apartment on Main Street, on second floor of building that burned down a few years ago.

  4. I agree with Tricia. Once the bowling alley building went down they didn’t want to repair it. Yes there is the movie theater,but once you’ve seen the movie it’s another week before u go back kids need something fun to do in this town so they don’t get into trouble. Why dump money into other towns when we could help our town out.

    1. I believe the owners hadn’t insured the building so when it collapsed, they didn’t want to spend the necessary money to repair it. On the other hand, when it was open, it seemed a bit more like a hangout spot for older smokers than for kids.

  5. There is a need for a school for tower climbing. Initial and reoccurring training. Safety should be emphasized.

    1. The climbing walls I’ve seen usually have a rope that keeps you from hitting anything if you let go. Are you picturing something different?

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