Governor Kelly announces most recent appointments



Since March, Governor Laura Kelly has made appointments to various boards, councils and committees while also coordinating emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


“My administration has been working diligently over the past month to ensure Kansans have the information and resources they need in order to stay safe during these trying times,” Kelly said.


This announcement includes 44 appointments across 19 different boards made by the governor in recent weeks.


“I am committed to keeping government working for all Kansans, and that includes continuing the essential appointments process,” Kelly said. “These appointments have been made with the same level of scrutiny and certainty as always, and I have no doubt these individuals will be great additions to their respective boards and help keep our state running as it should.”


Below are the appointments made by Governor Kelly.

Appointment is subject to Senate confirmation. *


State Board of Technical Professions

The board is charged with protecting the health, safety and welfare of Kansans by registering and licensing technical professionals to ensure that only qualified persons carry out the practice of engineering, architecture, land surveying, landscape architecture and geology in the state.

  • Bonnie Limbird, Prairie Village


State Building Advisory Commission

The commission evaluates and selects firms to be interviewed by user agencies for Capitol improvement projects; collects and maintains current data on construction costs; establishes criteria and procedures to evaluate the qualification and performance of contractors providing architectural, engineering or construction services; develops and adopts standards for the inspection and acceptance of Capitol improvement projects; reviews state agencies’ yearly Capitol improvement project requests; and files an advice report with the budget director.

  • Fran Hug, Topeka


State Use Law Committee

The Committee’s purpose is to advise the director of purchases on issues surrounding the purchase of products and services provided by blind or disabled persons.

  • Representative Jan Kessinger, Overland Park
  • Shelby Fry, Topeka
  • Robert Tabor, Lawrence
  • Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau, Wichita (reappointment)


Kansas Sports Hall of Fame

The purpose of the board is to provide oversight to the Hall of Fame and provide ideas for awareness, education, needed legislation and fundraising.

  • Ann Gaffigan, Olathe


Kansas Guardianship Program Board of Directors

The Kansas Guardianship Program Board of Directors is a partnership involving the state of Kansas and its citizen volunteers to assist certain adults legally determined to be unable to manage for themselves. Members shall have knowledge and interest in issues related to guardianship, conservatorship and the needs of disabled adults.

  • Sherrie Watkins, Kansas City


Kansas Statewide Independent Living Council

The purpose of the Council is to develop a State Plan through external input, which ensures independent living for Kansans; advocate for the accomplishment of the State Plan objectives; monitor, review and evaluate the implementation of the plan; and to be a statewide catalyst for independent living.

  • Teresa Beaudry, Deerfield
  • Ray Petty, Lawrence


Kansas Board of Healing Arts

The purpose of the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts is the regulation of 11 healthcare professions and to ensure that these healthcare professionals meet and maintain certain qualifications to protect the public from incompetent practice, unprofessional conduct and other proscribed behavior by individuals who have been credentialed to practice in Kansas.

  • Dr. Stephanie Suber, Lawrence


Kansas Advisory Committee on Trauma

The ACT is advisory to the Secretary of Health and Environment on the development and implementations of a statewide trauma system.

  • Dr. Wael Khreiss, Topeka
  • Dr. Stepheny Berry, Leawood
  • Carol Perry, Topeka (reappointment)
  • Jane Kemmerer, Jewell (reappointment)


Kansas State Board of Tax Appeals*

The board’s mission is to impartially resolve disputes between taxpayers and taxing authorities. It also reviews tax exemption decisions made by local governments and grievances resulting from technical errors, and corrects tax inequities.

  • Robert Marx, Fairway


Kansas Propane Education Research Council

The purpose of the council is to develop programs and projects to enhance consumer and employee safety and training; provide research and development to improve existing propane technology; and to increase efficiency of propane use.

  • Rob Northcutt, El Dorado
  • Lewis Creek, Meriden
  • Richard Mentzer, Yates Center
  • Edward Barrett, Pratt


Kansas Credit Union Council

The purpose of the council is to supervise and regulate credit unions across Kansas.

  • Michael Augustine, Olathe
  • Charles Bullock, Wichita
  • Kirsten Flory, Baldwin City


Kansas Banking Board*

The mission of the Kansas Banking Board is to prudently, equitably, ethically and efficiently administer all its statutorily delegated powers and duties so as to promote competitiveness, financial stability, safe and sound banking practices, protection of Kansas consumers and public confidence in the state-chartered banking industry.

  • Mary Ann Berry, Goddard
  • Lea Tatum-Haskell, Topeka


Governor’s Behavioral Health Services Planning Council

The Governor’s Behavioral Health Services Planning Council advises the Governor on adult, adolescent, and children services issues.

  • Elijah Redington, Newton
  • Savannah Hunsucker, Walton
  • Ashely Grill, Overland Park
  • Dr. Sherrie Vaughn, Topeka


Employment First Oversight Committee

The Commission makes annual recommendations to the Governor, Legislature, and state agencies on strategies to increase the rate of competitive integrated employment for Kansans with disabilities.

  • Joseph Scarlett, Overland Park


Kansas Water Authority

The water authority advises the governor, the Legislature and the director of the Kansas Water Office (KWO) on water policy issues — including the approval of the Kansas Water Plan and revisions, federal contracts, administration regulations and legislation proposed by the KWO.

  • Dr. Jean Steiner, Manhattan


Kansas Advisory Group on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency

The purpose of the Advisory Group is to determine, advocate for and promote the best interests of juveniles in Kansas.

  • Dr. April Terry, Hays


Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission*

The purpose of the Commission is to protect the integrity of the racing and gaming industry through enforcement of Kansas laws.

  • David Moses, Wichita (reappointment)
  • Larry Turnquist, Salina (reappointment)


Civil Service Board*

The State Civil Board hears appeals from classified state employees with permanent status under the Kansas civil service act as well as applicants for classified positions who are entitled by law and regulation to appeal to the Board.

  • Tom Wright, Topeka


Kansas Volunteer Commission

The Commission prepares a national service plan for the state; ensures outreach to diverse community-based agencies; and administers certain grant programs.

  • Brittany Crabtree, Topeka
  • Ginger Williams, Lenexa,
  • Marcee Binder, Pittsburg
  • Dr. Emily Riner, Lecompton
  • Ralph G. Costilla, Wichita
  • Dr. Joe Marlow, Olathe (reappointment)
  • Amy Pinger, Topeka (reappointment)
  • Shelby Ostrom, Overland Park (reappointment)
  • Breanna Monk, Wichita (reappointment)


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